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Left Ski-Right Ski

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Is there a difference in the left ski and the right one when they are new? Can you swap them or are they flexed a certain way after being used for a few seasons? :
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my left ski seems to be a little lower than the right one.

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I am awarding you with the....
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That must be what....across the street.
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Left and right skis are of more importance to racers since some of them will tune the edges of inside and out differently. For us recreational types it's a good way to keep switching the skis back and forth from day to day so that your edges get equal time abuse.
There have been skis made that were left/right specific but I think it had mostly to do with asymetrical tips on slalom skis designed for gate-bashing. Hope tht helps.
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Thanks for the Info.Tom.
Head'in up to Canada tonight but I think I'll stay down in the lowlands. "Midnight Crusier". North Bend should have an inch or too by now.
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I bet you haven't been to either of those parks ryan.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the passes tonight as long as you've got good tread.
Snowlevel at 4.5 K down there in OR.
Here's a weather link: http://www.atmos.washington.edu/data...port.KPQR.html
No snow out in NB yet, it's only at 500 feet so we don't get much more than Seattle/Bellvue proper. Now 10 miles up the I-90 road is another story. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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was in orlando the first few weeks of my life, well before "world;" ain't been back. to "land" a few times when i was a kid. ain't been back. they oughta blow snow onto the matterhorn, let the boarders do their thing.

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I thought N.B. was a lot higher than that.
Not to worried about the snow(I don't need no stink'in chains)levels. Got to keep an eye out for the Scales! :
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I've drove by "land" a nuff times to know the exit number but never ever stopped. Got a lot of relatives down there. I sure get a weird feeling when I'm down there.I guess it's because there are soooo many people in a small area.
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one of the first things i learned years ago back in high school is there is no such thing as a right or left ski. either ski can be used on either foot. as a racer, on a race weekend i would practice and free ski before the race on one edge, and switch edges just for the races.

i no longer race, but i still keep track of which edge is the fresh edge. it is definately a smart thing to do so... cause when you put your skis down, you may find you always put one down on the right side (i.e., with the way my bindings lock together, i always have my 'right' ski in my right hand. i call it my 'right' ski cause it's marked 'right' so i can tell the difference). this may mean you could not be randomly dropping your skis, they might always fall on the same foot. and if you always ski on the same edge, you could be having a better edge between tune ups or when you sharpen your skis. your essentially wasting an edge if you don't switch skis.
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Of course, if you have cants....
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