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Revenge on a telemarketer...

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This is one of the most hilarious ways of dealing with an unwanted solicitation I ever heard.

Make sure your speakers are on:

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I posted this 2/3 weeks ago and they removed it... WHY? IDK???
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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
I posted this 2/3 weeks ago and they removed it... WHY? IDK???
PM your concerns to a moderator (patroller). Discussion of such matters is not permitted in the open forums.
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there was a problem with this because of some attached files.

FWIW, it works. i used a variation with a telemarketer where I accused the TM'er of going after my wife and using the call as 'code'. I had soo much fun with it.
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This worked pretty well the few times I've used it:

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I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR THIS SO I just hang up on the suckers after i ask one question . IS this telemarketing ,if so i need your name & address bcuz Im on the DNC list AND WILL BE NOTIFING THE AUTHORITIES

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LMAO funny stuff!!
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During a blitz by God knows how many banks to get me to sign up for credit or get a card or a second mortgage .... I was getting pizzed cause it was like three calls a day for weeks.

Young guy calls "Hi, I'm with ZXZ Bank and .... "

I told him to piss off and get a real job.

Young guy (same one), the next day .... "Hi' I'm calling from XYZ and .. "

I told him his mother wore combat boots!

This went on for a few days and the same kid would call back and each day, I upped that ante with my insults starting with his lace underwear .... his propensity to like sex with small animals ... you name it.

His next call started with "Mr. Yuki, please don't hang up, I'm calling about the account Mrs. Yuki opened with us ...

He took it very well ... and just said he gets a lot of that ... poor guy .. bad Yuki ..
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Cost of tape recorder - $30
Cost of tape - $.50
Time spent talking - 5 minutes
Response of Telemarketer - Absolutely Priceless
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