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More oddities

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Saturday morning, 09.00ish
It's asunny but not really warm morn, at 1700 mt a.s.l
I nearly fell off the chairlift when I spotted a guy in AT gear climbing up the mountain.
The odd thing was that aside the skis, boots backpack and sunglasses, he was wearing only a swimsuit (male model)
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Now do WE feel lazy, fat and foolish spending all that $$$$ on a lift ticket?

..... ??? .... er ...... Nah! :
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now that I would like to see :
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saw one sat: a guy hiking with crampons, ice axe and fully loaded pack up the side of a run...right under the chairlift. That was a source of amusement for we chairlift riders -- on mountain with zero avalanche terrain
-was he wearing an avalanche transciever too?
-you'd think he'd go up through the forest and enjoy some pretend solitude instead of the side of a ski run.
- he hiked down with crampons too.

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You beat me to the punch. I saw that also. At Stevens Pass right?
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Maybe he was practicing with the crampons? I'd hate to put a pair of crampons on for the first time in a place you really need them!
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PNW but not Stevens. I am sure he was practicing for something... just was amusing is all.

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I knew that'd catch Jane's eye.
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Not at Stevens huh. Well, I was thinking that it was Sunday when I saw Iceaxe person.
We both saw something odd, overgeared and out of place probably a Mountaineer or a Mazama.
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