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fyi 45 degrees latitude forms the US/Canadian border for Vermont and Canada. So it'd be like having large icebergs floating by Maine. Probably won't happen so long as the Gulf Stream is flowing.

49 degrees is the US/Canada border beginning in Minnesota and going west.

Interestingly enough, the Titanic's coordinates are about the same latitude as I am and we all know it was sunk by an iceberg. This is probably due to currents (the Labrador one?). Of course, probably no where near the size of the ones you show either and that's the truly amazing thing for me. I tried adding the Google Earth KMZ but the forum doesn't like it. See attached for a JPG picture.
Titanic sank at 41deg 43 min north, in case you can't tell from the pic.
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One theory for blaming global warming is that it caused such a huge piece to break off the ice shelf. Because it was so big it has survived for 6 years (in various sized chunks) in the current of the Antartic and then it got caught in the current that brought them up the NZ coast. Their sheer size allowed them to survive the journey - and their size is due to such a big ice chelf break possibly due to global warming.

There have been no new arrivals in the time since I flew out to see them.
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Fascinating and not only a little scary! There's something about icebergs that makes my heart race just looking at them. Just the massive size of what you don't see, the flawless colors, the serenity, the POWER of them.......I love it!
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