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Ski Insurance for europe trip

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For americans skiing in europe,
Carte Neige seems to be a logical choice for piste evac related costs but Travel-Guard also offers a 'adventure' insurance at a lower rate. Carte is running something like 35Euro vs. $22 for the week with travelguard. The obvious choice seems to be travelguard (esp with the euro-dollar rates this week but my only concern is piste evacs. Travelguard covers emergency evacs, does anyone have experience whether the piste evac is included in this? (Carte, after reading up on doesn't deal with medical costs once they plop you at the infirmary)

Also, am I headed in the right direction here? My health ins. covers all hospitalization costs incurred overseas so is it even worth looking into this?

(The lack of consolidated/ centralized information on this stuff keeps bringing me back to epic)
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mak, where in Europe are you going to (I assume France because of the Carte Neige reference)
Your Travel-Guard may well cover you, BUT you will probably have to pay up front for any mountain evac then claim it back. That's where Carte Neige comes in to it's own - off the mountain and to the hospital, no cost.
CN doesn't cover medical costs, as most Europeans will get free healthcare throughout Europe.

Hope this helps.
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Yes france WTFH L3V. Think CN is what I should be going for, I just need coverage for transportation/rescue if it were ever needed, medical, my US policy covers overseas stuff.
As an aside, everytime someone writes VT here at epic, even though I'm from the north east US, Val Tho pops up in my head, then I realize, im not on snowheads!!
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mak, yes, it gets confusing, between VT and VT...
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