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Ski Size advice

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I have found a couple pair of last year's Atomic Sugar Daddy's (99mm underfoot) and I am not sure if I want the 183 or 193. I am 6'3" tall and weigh 230 lbs and am an excellent East Coast skier, but new to powder. I have a pair of skis that I like on groomers and back East so these skis will be powder day only skis. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Welcome to the forums! For pure powder use in your height in weight, no question -- go for the 193.
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193....no question at ALL.....

the 183 would give you that "over the handlebars" feeling for sure!!!!
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Agree with the 193cm.

FWIW, my review. Fortunately, with same boot size, swapped and skied a buddies 183cm Sugar Daddy 3 weeks ago and liked its quick and nimble rather damp feel and turns well. It’s a good all round board with a preference for straighter faster lines (your East Coast background?). Did not have the powder to really test a float (can’t imagine it is a problem) but nicely busted the 6 inch crud I was hanging around. I’m 190 and while the twin seems to ski a little longer than posted, I would have preferred the 193cm. BTW, my friend is 180 lbs and likes the 183cm although he does more goofing with it in tight quarters and some park.

Good Skiing!
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