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Out West ski for Midwest skier?

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I live in the midwest and have never skied outside of Wisconsin. I ski on Fischer RC4 SC 170's. They're great for the small local hills with groomed runs. However I am taking a trip to Mammoth this year and am fearful how they will perform out there.
They have a fat tip and tail but a narrow waist(66mm). So I'm thinking about getting a secondary set of skis to take with. Something more "all mountain" but I don't ant to pay a lot. Probably something used on ebay.

What skis should I be looking for? Feel free to list a lot of choices.

Me: 6'0", 27 y.o., 185lbs. Advanced Midwest skier.
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I live in the Midwest also and my day to day ski in the Midwest is the Fischer RX-8 in a 170. For western trips I ski the 05/06 Dynastar Legend 8000 in a 178. Great ski and you should be able to find an 05/06 nicely priced... If you do a search you'll find lots of info on the 8000's performance.

Good luck.
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If you like your SC's get a pair of AMC 79. They have a lot of SC built in but still ski like a midfat when it comes to soft snow.
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I live in Wisconsin...ski mostly Sunburst, Cascade, and Granite Peak. I took a trip out west last spring break and skied Winterpark and Mary Jane.

I ski 175cm Salomon Scream Xtra Hot's. I LOVE these skis. At least IMHO, there has been NOTHING they have not done well. They are wider and stiffer than the regular hot's which makes them more stable at higher speed i think and much better in the pow.

I was able to manage them well in the trees and the backside of Parsen at WP, and around here on the few glades we have to ski. They only fall short in the bumps...although that might be ME. Actually...im sure its me...i suck in the bumps right now but my goal is to get them down by the end of this season.

I got mine with one ski trip on them, looked brand new..with salomon Ti914 bindings for $300.

I think you could a better deal now seeing as they are 2 years old. Check ebay for them...you'll see.

Anyway, im 6", ~165-170lbs. depending how much beer i put down, and think im going to call myself an advanced skier this year. Last year I would have said intermediate....but i think i improved enough last season...just want to master the bumps and the REAL steeps...Chute city this year :-)

Hope this helps.
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Go with what you have. If by chance Mammoth gets a big dump of new snow while you are there? Go rent a pair of big fat skis and enjoy the steep and deep. don't buy a compromise ski (Mid fat) Just ski on your comfort ski, and go big if the conditions warrant.

There are allot of skis for hire in Mammoth
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I agree- stick with the skis you have, and rent or demo if necessary. I'm also from the midwest, and ski in Utah for a week every year, using essentially the same skis (Fischer Race SC's, 160cm). I was satisfied with their performance in all conditions except >2 feet of powder.
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Buy more skis...

Renting isn't always bad. I thought about it. One nice thing - if you hit a rock, you don't have to feel bad about it until you buy the same skis off eBay the next year.
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I'm a Wisconsin skier as well -- Devil's Head a number of years as an instructor and now Cascade this year (son is going to race on their team). I ski Dynastar Omecarve 10's (I think a 64mm waist -- definitely under 70) here in WI, and took them out to J-Hole two years ago. Worked fine, but there was NO SNOW. Decided to purchase Salomon Scream 10 Pilots Xtra Hot (82mm waist) for a trip out west to Snowmass. Very glad I did. Actually bought them here thru EpicSki. You can certainly rent -- most do. But if you want to buy, find a good deal and pull the trigger.
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Hey, half the fun is trying out the new gear, so I agree with those who say rent/demo if you get a big dump of powder. Otherwise, what you have is going to be fine. Even if you want to buy new gear (and who doesn't?!), you're way better off trying before buying!
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