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Where to go?????

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Hello All,

Well my mate and I are planning a month long trip skiing in the states, starting around mid-jan. He is a total beginner and I am a intermediate.....maybe!!! We are looking for a place with a half decent nightlife, good snow..obviously and some where we can find accomodation for a month without it costing a ridiculous amount of cash..wishfull thinking I know. I skied in Colorado last year at Vail, Copper, A-Basin, Breck and Steamboat. Totally loved Vail though costs were pretty high, my allround favourite being Steamboat. I have also skied at Mammoth a couple of years ago. I'm open to any suggestions you may have and am keen to know where would be best at that time of year.

Hope all you experts can help.


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I'd check out Utah if you've already done

the CO thing. Park City is probably the only "night life" in Utah. Snowbasin, Park City , Deer Valley and the Canyons are all an easy drive (PC and DV are right in Park City)......If the roads are clear, it's not a bad drive over to the "other" canyons, where you can find Brighton/Solitude and Alta/Snowbird. Definitely the best, most consistent snow in the states....

Another option (highly under-rated) is to rent a place in Bozeman , MT. Bridger Bowl is a very fun hill & is right outside town. There's a shuttle bus up there every day & lift tix are reasonable. Bozeman is a college town, so lots of bars, etc. Good nightlife.

When you get sick of Bridger and want to see how the other half live, you can drive down to Big Sky/Moonlight Basin. It's probably over $90 per day for a 2 mountain lift ticket this year, but it's really great skiing. The drive in the winter (if memory serves me) is about an hour from Bozeman. Maybe a tad longer.

You can also drive to Jackson , WY or Grand Targhee, ID with relative ease from there. Probably not a fun day trip, but an easy overnight.

Lots of options....enjoy!
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Anyone else ......pse.
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Call me crazy, but a month in one place is a LONG time.

I'd personally opt for hitting as many resorts as I could in a month.

You could easily start in Washington (Baker), hit Oregon (Bend, Hood), Tahoe, then Utah, Colo, Idaho, Wyoming.

That way you could sample a wide variety of terrain and nightlife.

If you are staying for a month, I really can't think of a better set-up than Colo. In Summit County you have access to Loveland, A-Basin, Keystone, Copper, Breckinridge, Vail, and Beaver Creek. That's 7 resorts all close to one another with a ton of night life options.

If you get into Tahoe, Utah, JH, you'll either be stuck at one resort/small town for a month or have to bounce around to various resorts (and Tahoe, especially N. Lake, has a scattered night life scene).

In conclusion, I'd either repeat the Summit County trip or opt for a month long road trip.
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