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Do Prophets Ski Short?

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I've been looking at the Line Prophet 100's and cant decide on a size. I've heard that because of their true twin shape they ski short, but I dont want a ski that is going to overwhelm me...

- 5'11"
- 162 lbs.
- pretty advanced skier looking to do every kind of terrain but still have good float in pow. I will visit the park a little bit.

Any help is awesome.
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I know Line's site says "Real Twin Tip," but I would actually tend to consider the Prophet more of a directional twin. Because of this, it may ski a little shorter than a traditional pair of skis, but not considerably shorter. Some people might disagree with this.

Unless you ski a lot of big mountain stuff I would look towards the 179.

Hope this helps,

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I've found it really hard to find info on Line Prophets...I was just making sure, but I think I will go with the 179's then.
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