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Kicking Horse Opens Saturday

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Does anybody in here plan to be there?
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I wanted sooo much, but I had to cancel.

They have almost 4 meters of snow... unbelievable.

Have fun! ...and bring a snorkel...
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Originally Posted by Ro.nin View Post
They have almost 4 meters of snow... unbelievable.
Where did you get that from? Their website says a snowpack of 1.35m.
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oh, right

You're right. Was hasty... and actually kinda hyperventilating after seeing those photos...

I read this: MID MTN TOTAL SNOWFALL: 373 CM.

Their base is 131cm indeed. But still, there's a LOT of snow out there.

I wish I were able to go...
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spectacular conditions. Certainly lots of snow, very little base damage

Hill was still very undulating following the hills natural form, now that is all packed down a good dump will make it top notch.

Don't be too bummed about missing Saturday they only had the Gondola and the Stairway to Heaven chair open. Lift lines were at best 45 min wait and mostly was about 1 - 1.5 hour wait for the Gondola. Not fun, only got 5 runs and 11,000 Feet.

Sadly the Pow was not as good as the numbers let on. Yes there was lots of snow, it got tracked pretty darn fast in fact by 11 Am it was no longer a pow day but a tracked pow day, which turned to packed powder very quickly.

Sunday was the complete opposite, almost straight on the lift every time. Light was a bit low througout the day, the snow was much firmer and less forgiving, but no lines makes me smile every time.

24,000 Feet at least Sunday. Tired legs will do that to a guy.

Fuze Bowl opened at 10:30 Am. WOW what an area. Lines for days if not a week or more to ski most of those pitches. Crazy steep and exposed.

Overall, great weekend, the staff did the best they could, but Satruday was a joke and if they expect to be a big boy they better go shopping for big boy pants because right now they are not ready for the masses.
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Why was the line 1+ hrs for gondola?

I heard the gondola has very, very limited capacity. It's not like a normal gondola. True?
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Were you there with three other Edmontonians? I rode up in the gondola on Sunday with four Edmontonians, one of whom mentioned not getting much vertical on Saturday due to the massive crowds. There were three locals, the four Edmontonians, and myself (big guy in an orange coat with a remote control iPod).

I'm sorry I missed Feuz Bowl. For whatever reason - fatigue, laziness, fear - I couldn't buy a turn on Sunday, and spent way too much time cursing at myself and my crappy skiing. After face planting several times in easy terrain, I (probably wisely) decided to forgo the steeps of Feuz for another day.
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yeah I am sure that was me. Wearing Silver Giro helmet, Blue Oakley Goggles, BLack Gloves, blue Rip Curl hooded jacket and Blue rip curl pants, red Lange boots. I was sittting right across from you.

My buddy was pretty chocked at the lines. I was too but I was just happy to be skiing and getting some pow.

Sat was harsh for me as well for some reason. I used some new liners in my boots first runs and it killed me. They had way to much cuff forward lean and it was like I was a balarina dancing on my toes. Not fun for powder. Switched them out but the three runs killed my legs and energy.

Funny story here. First run, I bombed a powder run off the top of the chair and on the bottom cat track I saw a nice lip into a powder feild so I launched it. Mid air I realized and remembered my forward lean problem. RIght about then I landed and then proceded to do a forward flip. I tucked my head down and landed back on my feet. but dayam first jump I waxed out. LOL was fun.

Sun was heaven, I was doing really well and loving every second right to the end. I kick myself for not playing in Feuz for the rest of the day. WOW now thats my kind of place.

Shame we didn't know.
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Originally Posted by Telski View Post
Why was the line 1+ hrs for gondola?

I heard the gondola has very, very limited capacity. It's not like a normal gondola. True?
it is a detachable, but once back on cable it is very slow, each cabin does hold 8, but slow is slow. plus there were way too many people for the resort. All the Calgary folks came for pow and plugged the place right up.
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