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Hey BEZ & ROGUESKIER.............I think you both put up a pretty good debate, obviously you both see differently on the matter. I think I was right, that a "Cage-Match" fight between you two might be the only way to settle this debate once and for all. I think we all know that's unlkely to happen, but it sure was a fun ride you two.......Anyway's I think I've heard enough & I'm going to call this argument a "draw" as your both relentless!!! Both you sound like a couple of testosterone junkies & probably a couple of good guy's with strong opinions!
You fella's have a nice holiday I'm signing out till after X-mas, talk to you all in 2007!!!.......Semper Fi
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Originally Posted by rogueskier View Post
Hey Semper Fi........ I'm glad your enjoying my post's also, your pretty good @ reading between the lines! It's been fun going back & forth with BEZ, as I love to get people worked up when they deserve it. You have a pretty good sense of character Semper Fi, I have 6 years military service/combat veteran. Nice to hear from a fellow soldier that loves to ski!
You hit it right on the button Semper Fi, I basically called out BEZ do to the fact that he had a pretty negative attitude about Pierre's skiing abilities & character. Before I even made my first post, he had already called Pierre a "kook", slammed his religious beliefs, & critiqued the heck out of his cliff jump. It's funny how me calling BEZ a "gaper" get's his panties in a wad, but it's ok for him to call some one a "kook" & rip him to shreds. Here's the way I look at it: "if you can dish out, then you should be able to take it" otherwise keep your mouth shut. Your right Semper Fi, I am a pit-bull, that's why I tore into him because I wanted to see if he could take a little bit of his own medicine. Even in his last post he seems to think he is a "Master". A Master of what I don't know?? Isn't calling yourself a master "bragging"??
Rogueskier, it's too bad you don't also have the ability to read between the lines, though it appears you think you do, judging by the blatant assumptions and the Jamie Pierre-like leaps in logic that you have made here. You can call me gaper or anything you want; I know what I am and my big ol' panties can take it. But don't try putting words in my mouth. I never ripped on Pierre's skiing ability, you simply assumed I did; I did express that I think the kind of cliff jumping he does in no way represents actual skiing skill, or shows how well someone can ski, ie; carving clean turns, handling steeps and high speeds, picking creative lines, staying in control over varying terrain etc. Saying huge cliff jumping is an honest display of skiing skill is like saying dropping over Niagara Falls in a barrel indicates kayaking skill. As with "barrel riding", I'm sure location choice is somewhat important, but once you leave the lip, you are no longer in control of your own destiny, ergo, skill is negligible. It's all luck from there down. Better pray no new boulders appeared under the snow in the landing area since the summer scouting trip.

Speaking of praying, as far as ripping in to his religious beliefs and calling him a kook? If he's found Jesus, good for him, I have nothing against that. Without getting deep into theosophy, I've always been under the impression that the spiritual path is a highly personal, internal one, not a public show of one's "Faith" and how it rewards gambling. It's like he's invoking Jesus' name in vain to hide the fact that it's his own BIG EGO, not his humble love of Jesus, that motivates him to drop off big cliffs. I doubt Jesus cares who wins the Superbowl, nor who gets the world record cliff drop. Only kooks walk around claiming Jesus has their back whenever they foolishly tempt fate and survive. That kind of arrogant hubris comes back to get you eventually.

And in case you missed it, I'm not the only one who thinks the guy is a kook, though it looks like I might be a kook for being the last to stick around in this thread despite the fact it's apparent you have no real interest in a proper debate, and would rather aggressively ruffle feathers because you are usually used to intimidating people until they back down from an argument. With apologies in advance to Semper Fi and any other military/veterans aboard, I have the utmost respect for what the military does and I have friends still in the military. But this is civilian life, soldier rogueskier, where some of us civilians prefer to put some thought behind what we say, and then listen carefully to what others say, instead of trying to "win" discussions through aggressive tactics meant to harass "the opponent".

Anyways, I wish you well. Have a Merry Christmas.
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Originally Posted by Semper Fi
This goes out to posters........ ROGUESKIER & BEZ: you two are pretty entertaining!
I've had fun reading all the posts in this forum about Jaime Pierre's cliff-jump & it's been real entertaining reading your guy's posts, as I alway's love a good debate. Any chance for a cage match fight between you two??

BEZ: First off I read all your posts and have to say that, you might not think this, but you have been pretty negative in reference to Pierre's abilities, & I think you started off the name calling early on by calling Pierre a "kook", & making a dig @ his religious beliefs. You even stated in your posts that he cant "ski well" or "jump well", which would be attacking his abilities. Go back & read all your posts your not as innocent as you think you've been!
__________________________________________________ ______________

Hey BEZ, just thought you might want to read what Semper Fi had to say about all of your posts again in case you forgot. I included his paragraph above for you to read. This is from the guy that you agreed with me on, that has the ability to "read between the lines", & he said the same thing I've been saying about your posts, just maybe in a nicer tone. I do apologize for my aggressive attitude sometimes I forget that I'm not arguing with my military buddies who usually have thicker skin than most! I've only been back from Iraq for 14 months now & it's been a rough transition for me & sometimes I just blow off my built up aggression in the wrong avenues (being this forum/topic) without even realizing I'm doing it. Like Semper Fi said BEZ, I don't think your as innocent as you think you might be on the subject, but I'm through debating the matter.

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