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Bode had a great DH run

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I hope you're as fortunate as me in Austria on live coverage of the WC in Beaver Creak.

I must say that Bode is back. He was carving way lower than anyone else and even though his line was not better than that of others he just accelerated so much more at the end of the turn than anyone else it was great to watch.

I hope he doesn't let go in the slalom.
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Well, he did let go... Aksel Lund Svindal takes it.
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Why don't I see Miller in this list?
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
Why don't I see Miller in this list?
Because it isn't long enough, try looking further down this one ...
A win would of put Miller in the top 3 of the above list.

Looks like it will be an interesting season. No one skier seems to be in consistant top form, not even Raich, Miller or Svindal. I think Schönfelder and Maier are the only two skiers to finish every one of their races in the top ten.
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I guess because he didn't finish the slalom, Bode's combined DH doesn't count? Therefore he's not listed in the results?
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telerod, yes, because it's a combined, you have to finish BOTH to get anything.
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Raich had the best intermediate time, he just overlooked the gate
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Well, Bode and Nyman both uncorked some great runs today! And 4 from Team USA in the top ten - pretty damn good.

And what a terrible day for the Austrians - perhaps that's why they're bullying to get the make-up races on their home turf.
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John Meyer writes of the WC in the Denver Post, Thursday, November 30, regarding Bode:

“Head is working feverishly to get his equipment adjusted to his demanding specifications, especially in slalom. If they succeed, Miller’s chances today improve dramatically, but the pressure is on.”

“The old Miller—the one who won the WC overall two seasons ago—would have been a lock for the podium today.”

“With set-ups and equipment, with maybe a centimeter of different mounting position, you can’t buy a turn, and with the right adjustment all of a sudden you find you can win a run”, coach John McBride said of Miller’s slalom. “We’re not there yet, but we’re working hard at it”.


“Miller has something to offer his teammates, but he’s not the kind of leader Rahlves was.”
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