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tignes (france)

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meant to be heading there on the 15th dec, hardky any snow atm and not looking good, cant even get into val d'ilse atm! anybody else heading here soon?
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You are probably screwed.

France does not really get much snow - 200/300 yr.

Why did you book so early?
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robbbb, the glacier will still be open, and a storm is due this weekend (a bit further north in France, the temp is low, but no clouds.)
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Fingers crossed... I should be skiing Val d'Isere around Christmas...
The weather gurus at SkiPass foresee an oceanic western flow starting 12/5 (=snow over 1500m). It shoudn't be deep, but there will be snow.
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Recently with global warming it hasn't been safe to book to ski in Europe till mid January at least. But even given that, this is an unusually bad year.
Current levels at Val d'Isere:
Lower slopes:12 cm (not counting any man-made snow they may have managed)
Upper slopes:35 cm
but a heavy fall is forecast for the next 24hours.
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Check the web cams. There is snow
Val cams here.
(Ok, less than in Switzerland...)
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Good webcams, but the snow looks very thin. Loads of scree and rocks in Val D'Isere/Tignes: Use hire skis.
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Tignes cams have not been updated since 12/8. It has snowed saturday.
Val's are more up to date.
I agree that's nothing close to what the swiss got (or even the french southern alps), but it not a disaster anymore. The Tignes - Val d'Isère connection is now open.
Of course, some mild weather next week could ruin all this...
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13th december Snow Report, on Valdinet :
"Better than last year" (Of course, last december sucked big time)

Edited to add that's not me on the pic. It's the Valdinet guy.
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