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Reassurance on binding mount

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Just had new bindings put on new Sugar Daddies

When i picked them up and took a close look at them the bindings did not seem centered (side to side, not lengthwise) on the skis. it's hard to tell, but there was definitely more space between the binding and the line on the ski on one side than the other. They had put a "right ski" sticker on one and i asked them, since i never do a right and left ski, if they did that on purpose. the tech said no it didn't mean anything and so i asked him about the binding being centered and he assured me it was the graphics that were off making it only look that way; that the jig they use makes it impossible to screw it up.

is that true or should i be worried? :

because of the rounded edges of the sides, it's pretty near impossible to get an accurate measurement using a measuring tape.) Or, if it's only off by a sixteenth, does it really matter?
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Graphics are frequently off, I wouldn't worry about it.

As for the "right ski" sticker - if you swap your skis around, it will mean more even edge wear. I tend to ski with the left ski on the left in the morning, then switch at lunch.
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Thanks. Yeah, switching makes the tunes last longer. Silly to put the sticker on there. The tech said it makes people feel better to think there is a 'right ski' LOL.
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Take a piece of paper, lay it flat across the ski, down the sides and over the edges, you can create a crease at each edge. By matching the creases, you can can then fold the paper and create a center crease to match the ski center. By placing the unfolded paper back on the ski you can then mark a center with a grease pencil or felt marker and measure or eyeball from there.

(At least the stickers didn't say front and back. )
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cool. i'll try it tonight and post the verdict.
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