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CarveEdge PRO Carbide Cutter

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The choice of sidewall cutters (and all tuning equipment for that matter) is pretty limited in the UK. One that is available though is that Holmenkol CarveEdge sidewall cutter.

Does any one have any experience of using this cutter?
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Bleaklow, I have a tuning & tuning products business in the UK & sell both the Kunzmann Pro Sidewall Stripper & the Ski-Man tool. I also used both plenty of time.

I also have a full range of tuning prodcuts to suit any performance requirement - not just the few Toko products that you get in the retail stores.

For the occasional user I'd give the nod to the Kunzmann version due it's far easier/quicker set-up & reversible cutter.

My website (www.skituning.co.uk) is currently undergoing major surgery but my contact details can be seen.

You can also do a search on www.snowheads.com under my spyderjon username for plenty of UK testimonials.
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Thanks Jon

I'll give you ring a bit later.
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