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In search of the Perfect Ski!

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Right having spent the majority of the time off on my sets of night shift trawling the net for ski advice I am now going to ask for your advice

I am an expert skier with approximately 40 weeks of ski experience in my life. I have unfortunately lost one of my beloved Volkl P9 RSL skis during a wipeout when it fell off a cliff (!!) so am in the market to get some new skis. I am 6ft 0 and 200 lbs with large feet.

Skis hired/owned before that I liked- Dynamic VR27 SL (used mainly when a child, loved the edge grip), Volkl P9 RSL (have skied them for almost 10 years, love their stability at speed, edge grip and ability to respond to all types of turn initiation and not forcing me to carve all the time), Rossignol 9S (for edge and unlimited speed)

Skis hired/owned before that I disliked- Rossigol Bandit 3 (too slow and little grip on icy runs). Atomic RaceCarve .22 (didn't let me do what I wanted to do, tended to lock me into a too wide preset turn radius)

I ski 2-3 weeks a year on mainly groomed black and red runs in the French Alps. Am happy with carving to a certain extent but also want the freedom to be able to be running fast and stable when in a straight line and not turning on the edge. Ski 90% of the time on-piste (groomed runs) rather than off-piste although am getting a bit more into off piste running lately. I always ski fast (but safe!) and rarely get overtaken by anyone else on the runs

My priorities- Edge grip (vital in the icy early season on crowded runs in Val D'Isere), Stability at speed both when carving and when going in a straight line or skidding and the ability to let me do short slalom turns as well as medium turns. Also some form of ability to go off piste occasionally if possible.

Skis which I have looked at (but are welcome for other suggestions)

Fischer RX8 (seems almost perfect though am slightly worried about the fact that you seem to be committed to carving all the time and might be less stable particularly when off the edges. Also historically have not liked skis that are too light)

Fischer Race SC (looks great though some reports have said it's edge grip is not as good as others)

Volkl Racetiger SC / SL racing (May be the closest to my belovd P9s but have had mixed reviews)

Rossignol 9S oversize (since I had great fun with a 9S about five years ago, construction though may have changed since)

I am a bit worried that I would sacrifice some stability at speed when not on edges if I go more for a carving ski than a race or race-bred ski but at the same time I want my freedom do carve or not carve whatever radius of turns I want while the ski being stable at the same time! And also a dash of some form of off-piste ability (v occasionally).

So over to you guys, please help me try and solve this conundrum!
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Welcome, Dr Will.

Here's a few:
Head XRC 1200SW or Supershape
Salomon Equipe GC Race
Atomic Metron B5
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Good Luck

But I would try

Blizzard Titan 9 in 181 and 188 length.
No 10M slalom turns but they do carve / float / hold a line at speed in Chop. And are stable in a strait line.

There are others but give these a try.
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Thanks for all your additional suggestions so far. What are your opinions on the choices I listed in my first post?

Unfortunately some of the above skis are probably not available for hire at Val D'Isere (which are biased to French skis) where I will spend 6 days skiing in Jan. Will probably end up trying 3 different pairs for 2 days each. Will probably end up trying the Rossignol 9S oversize, Salomon Equipe GC race and either RX8 / Metron 5 or equivalent.
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I also am an old Volkl P9 and P10 skier. Head is making some great skis, like a lot of companies today. I ski the Monster 77, but ski off piste more. The supershapes if you like shorter turns, the Monster 70 or 72 or XRC 1200.
As for the skis you mentioned, there are may reviews of the RX8 and dought you could go wrong with them.
You might try realskiers.com. The do not review all skis, but are independent and have several reviews for the type of ski you are looing at.
Good Luck
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RX8's for speed and Fujatives for pipe, park, jibbing, and pow. Thats how I roll.
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In the US, the Race SC is not on par with the World Cup SC and would not be enough ski for your size. Not sure if they have the same model lineup in Europe...
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