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Blizzard Sigma RS Ti ?

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Anybody have any experience with these one way or another? They are supposed to be the 2004 Blizzard World Cup GS skis. I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more new skis this year, but a found a pair of 182's on close out for extremely reasonable, and I am tempted.

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My brother skis on those exact skis, and I got a couple of runs on them last season. I don't remember all that much about them except that they seemed to have nice hold and were relatively easy to turn. Also, they're light enough to be able to pivot easily when needed. They make a very high-pitched vibration when skiing. Also, they didn't seem to engage into turns as easily as others, but his may have been railed. Make sure you get them machine tuned before skiing, because the original base finish is terrible.
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Those are the last years model. I skied on the new model last year and I thaught they were incredibly good. I would have bought a pair but they are all sold out here now. The 182cm model had a nice turn radius and I never did as well on any ski in our local Masters cometition. If you are looking for new GS skis for competition or just for fun and you get these at a desent price BUY NOW .
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