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Surf da snow.......

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I`m finaly (almost)recoverd from my kneesurgery. 13 months without skiing and I`m dying to get this summer to end and get some of that white stuff. So I sat down the other day and looked at some old pictures and some films of teleskiing. I realy like telemark, I`ve tried some alpine setups but I always return to telis.
I started to wonder why I keep claiming that pumping powder with teles is a far more soulfull expeience than with the ordenary bindings. The anserw I`ve come up with is that it`s like surfing. You dont ski telemark when your in the pow, you SURF telemark.
I know I know, you all want to tell me thet I`m way out of my grounds and a long way over in snowboard-teritory. But sorry ladies and gentlemen I rely mean it. Telemark in powder is surfing not skiing.
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Here's to a great year telemon.
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Man, that would be the worst. I don't know if I could make it through a winter without dropping down my favorite runs...
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The worst year of my life, I`ll tell you so much.
I got so deprest in march so I went down to australia to hang out on the beach and do some windsurfing. Must have looked realy dumb windsurfing with one knee compleatly loked by this thing I put on it to awoid bending it. But it worked, in a way....

Loved the tele/randonee thing

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