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Demoing in Whistler

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Does anybody know of good demo shops in the Whistler area? I'd like to try and demo a couple skis within the next week or so, but somehow, I don't think anybody has demos this early in the season... Good if I'm wrong though.
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Been phoning around the shops up there... Is Atomic that hard to deal with?: It seems like nobody but CAN-Ski up there has Atomic skis in stock.
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I have had good luck at Summit Sports which is loacated close to the Whistler gondola. They allow you to try different skies during the rental period. You can reserve skies online and receive a discount. Other shops in Whistler have simliar deals. For Summit:


Hope this helps - charlie
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Whistler Village Sports do Atomic rentals.

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Salomon very frequently has free demo's up on the mountain - next to roundhouse lodge and Rendezvous Christine.
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I concur with Whistler Village Sports. I just demoed both the Atomic B5 and M11:B5 and in fact just purchased my new ones from them. They will apply up to a max of three rentals against the purchse price. Great people to deal with and it's nice having them right at the hill.
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