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New Ski's for Beginner

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I began skiing last year and have decided to get my own set along with my wife. I am a beginner skiier who skis greens but will progress to blues on my next trip. I am 34 and not a speed demon by any means just like to cruise and be on the hill with my wife who is an advanced intermediate skier.

My wife is looking at the Nordica Fox ski's.

I am 6.1 275lbs and was looking at a pair of Atomic Izor 3:1 or 5:3's w/4tix bindings in the 168cm length OR K2 2Com or 3Com's w/M10 bindings in the 167 length. Like I said I just like to cruise around and enjoy the hill but have no real interest in speeding around right now. I would like a ski that suits me now and for the next 2 or 3 seasons at least. We ski around 2 or 3 times a year for 3-4 days each time.

Would these ski's fit me or should I look at something else? I prefer the 3Com's but can't find anyone who will let me demo them this next trip. Everywhere I call has different brands or higher end advanced/intermediate skis for demo but no Beginnner or lower level Intermediate skis for demo.
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Two things come to mind. The first is your weight and at 275 you may be looking at a dead ski pretty quickly. Short is indeed more manageble and will make life easier especially at your stage of skiing however, that needs to be balanced with the weight issue.

Second is where you will be skiing? West and soft or the "icy east"?

Third (I know I said two .. ), give a reasonabe projection regarding where you will be next season? How often will you really use the skis based on your ability to get to the hill and your degree of "fire in the belly"?

If you tend to be a dedicated and progressive sort, go a notch up the scale.
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Out West mostly. 95 percent of our skiing will be in Colorado. Should I be looking to go longer to account for weight? I had no trouble skiing with 160's my last few trips out. I love to ski but prefer to just casually float along and make turns instead of race to the bottom. Maybe that has more to do with my experience level than anything else. I can't theorize what next year will be like. That is why I was comparing the baseline model's listed above with the "intermediate" (5:3 and 3Com) models listed. I figured the intermediate skis would last me longer.

My normal weight is usually around 240-250 but since I got married it has gone up. I have been getting back down the last few months so I forsee myself at around 245 +- within the next year. My concern with all ski's mentioned at my weight was their flex. If I manage to break one after a season or 2 then I guess my skiing could benefit from a stiffer ski (weight plus skill/confidence to push the beginner/intermediate model ski). If that is where my skill level is at next season then so be it, I will upgrade.

However at this point I don't forsee myself pushing any beginner or intermediate ski to its breaking point within the next year or so. I just need an easy decent ski that I can use for a few seasons or so until my skill gets to the point where I decide I need a intermediate/advanced pair with more performance.
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245 is still pretty heavy. I'm not a "Atomic guy", but the web lists the two that you mentioned as the lower end of that line and softer.

Over flexing the ski is an issue and to end up killing it after as season or having too soft a ski .... I'd kick it up a notch (like chef Emeril), and since you are in that progression to blues buy something one step up and I have a feeling you will be quite comfortable with it by the end of the first week. Grow into the ski especially since you want to get a few years out of it.

Speed is not the issue. Take a good look at the radius of what you were buying, they appear to be mid-fats but the radius does differ among the models. What kind of turns do you enjoy .... lots of shorter round turns .. or bigger slow sweepers (terrain dependent of course)? That's where the radius will come in.

Is a lesson in sight here?
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Definately more lessons. I have been doing private all along. This next trip I was going to take a group refresher and then have at it for a day and see how it goes.

I tend to make long sweeping turns and kinda glide my way down, no rush. Just tickled at my ability to turn and slide to a stop. I know it sounds kinda dumb but as a beginner I find it fun to wind my way down stopping as I go. That may change soon, I know.

So you think I might be better served with the next level up in either model but at the same length (160 +)? Realistically since you asked I have been thinking about it and maybe by the end of next year I will have grown skill wise into the stiffer wider Com4-5's? I just don't want a ski that is going to frustrate me this year as I want to have fun.

This next trip we are taking may be one of my last for this year unfortunately and I want to have a good time. Next year the learning curve will begin again at least for the first few times out.

Weight and ski flex not being an issue I would feel comfortable buying the 3Com's. Assuming the skill description of the ski provided by K2 is accurate. I wish I had paid more attention to my rental skis so I could compare. All I know is they were Solomon every time.

I would hold off until next year but my wife is fired up about both of us getting skis this year. It is our only hobby together and she would be disappointed in not being able to get me some skis this year. I am also excited about buying her a pair. I recently bought her a pair of boots and she is tickled about it. Skis for me are the only thing she can think of for Christmas that gets her excited about buying. I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse yet but she hates my other "independent" hobbies. But hell, I am just as fired up about getting a set also and would love to have my own pair to ski with this trip.
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At your size, I don't think a ski in the 160 to 170 range is going to frustrate you.

Your shop should know the product line. If they seem to waffle about, quite frankly, I would head for a better shop. The "box" retailers know doodlie squat about product. Those kids just go the seminar on what product to push. Quite frankly, I have asked many, how often they ski and the answer is .... a few times a year ... many will go to a "demo day" early in the season but as salesman, not ski guys ... they wouldn't know a good ski if they tripped over it.

What area are you from? Or, where will you be headed. There are many on this forum who can steer you to a good shop.

Of the 10 shops within a 40 mile radius of my home, there is only one that I deal with and I only deal with the owner.
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Unfortunately I live in the SE. We will be heading to Keystone and Breck later this year with a short stop in Denver to see family.
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Gonna discuss it with the shop at purchase but I am settled on the K2 4 or 5Com in 167. If the 4 Com isn't available I know the 5 Com is. From my estimation that is pretty close in rating level to the Salomons I have been renting in the past. They are a tad bit longer but I don't forsee that as being too much trouble.

Excuse my inexperience but I am assuming that after discussing it with Yuki in this thread that the 4 or 5Com's would give me the additional stiffness I need due to my weight but still remain a fairly easy ski to use at my skill level and on the terrain I am skiing. I should still have some room for improvement in the ski for the next 2 or 3 seasons as my skill moves up. Once I hit the advanced intermediate stage then I can look for something else if the need arises.
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