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Kicking Horse Base

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The website is reporting a 135 Cm base mid mountain.

Any info what this means for this hill in regards to actual reality.

Would rock skis be needed for lower mountain riding?

Would cautious skiing be required up top? IE more snow needed to hide / cover most rocks, small trees, schrubs? Tread lightly?
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I think the upper mountain will be in excellent shape. If there are rocks, they will be mostly big and obvious. It snows much less on the lower mountain. Hopefully there will be a groomed and maintained trail to get down. That hill badly needs a gondola mid-station. This problem exists most of the time, not just early season. The upper mountain has already had over half as much snow as it normally gets in an entire season, so I would not hesitate to check it out now.
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Tony,, have you been skiing around khmr so far this year??? quartz?? rogers even?? i havent been out so far this year but sounds like you have so lets see some pics
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