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Originally posted by kieli:
Hey Poet... Thanks for getting involved in the discussion and being so enthusiastic about what you're into... at the same time the harsh words aren't necessary here.

I also was amused my the PSIA "perfect" "gay" turns. And in a real Missy Elliot voice I have to say NO you D-int!!

Thanks for the emotional support Kiersten. I like sliding rails so much that I have one in my backyard.

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Originally posted by The poet:
Thanks for the emotional support Kiersten. I like sliding rails so much that I have one in my backyard.

>Wow, your mom let you build a rail in the yard? Cool! You must be ultra super radical!

>Or more likely, a JONG![/QB][/quote]

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OK BOYZ. Yer all gross. Do I need to get DCHAN to kill this topic? SHEEESSSSSHHHHH!

I'd hate to have to kick you upside the ass with my beautiful Rossi Power 9's.

just keep it real - aight?
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race boots, poet-baby... not boards. get it straight.
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You guys are funny

Poet: get over yourself. Yes, park skiing is difficult, technical, impressive, exhilarating. But other types of skiing have these charactaristics as well. I wouldn't draw comparisons between riding rails and carving turns. Both have their difficulties. I've seen numerous park skiers who don't have great form outside the park - carving especially. On the other angle, people who don't spend time in the park would be horrible in it. It's a matter of what you do most often.
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This.... is..... sooooooo.... dumb...... It used to be skiers vs. boarders. We got over it. Learned to get along. Boarders realized that ski resorts wouldn't exist without skiers. Skiers realized that ski resorts couldn't stay afloat without boarders. problem solved. Now it turned into New-schoolers vs. everyone. They want to reignite skier-boarder hostilies and like to believe they are the sole reason skiing still exists. Trust me- you aren't. Ski resorts could once again ban skiers in the park and pipe, and they might lose a little money, but not much. Get off your damn high horse and realize that you have your place in snow sports just as everyone else does. You wouldn't be here if it weren't for "gay" skiers.
We "gay" skiers don't tell you that what you do is easy- don;t tell us that what we do is easy. Once you've busted you ass on a shear ice slalom course, searching for that extra hundredth of a second, dont tell me that carving is easy. Maybe some of you new schoolers should take a few lessons on carving- your switch 5s dont seem so impressive when you have to christie all of turns into and out of it.

P.S. I'll hit you with my Rossi 9S's- those are my race boards. And with my Salomon Course X's. Fool. Trust me- they would hurt. bad.
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How about some respect for the roots of your sport.

Snow sports are evolving, snowboarding and park skiing are just as welcome as regular skiers.

Snowboarders have gained a less than accepted image in some circles because of their attitude and general lack of respect for the people that they are sharing the mountain with. This doesn't go for everyone out there with a board but give me a break. I've been skiing for 32 years and I never saw the anti-establishment/surfer attitude that boarding has brought to this sport prior to its introduction. Foul language, us vs. them mindset and ignorance to the rules of safety. Check the sign coming into the mountain - it says Ski Area. Not Snowboard Area. The freestyle trend back in the 70's certainly didn't have any negative attitude. I'm not bagging on every boarder out there but I've seen enough of it and forgive me but I just don't get it.

So, this brings me to park skiing. We're all on the same team here and if you're going to post about how park skiing is going to revolutionize the sport of skiing, be an ambassador for your sport and don't attempt to isolate yourself from regular skiers. You've got to learn how to turn if you're going to get up on skis. I said this in a prior post here somewhere but really - the tide has turned as far as freestyle and jumping goes. Before there was terrain parks, and before there was boarders, we used to take shovels up the lift and go build jumps on the trails. Why? It was fun. But the ski patrol didn't see it that way and they're come knock the jumps down and they'd rip your ticket if they caught you. Now the ski areas are building jumps and terrain parks themselves! Times have changed and it has spawned an entire industry from manufacturing and marketing to sports coverage to even machinery that creates halfpipes.

Park skiing came from gay turns. Learn it. Know it. Live it.
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For the record... I asked a simple question about park skiing and how it would affect my skis.

This has turned into an agressive discourse - which was NEVER my intention.

GateCrasher - you first post was ever so slightly inflamatory:

Scraping your edges across metal - is there really any question if they are going to be not as sharp when you're done? I would think that continual heavy pressure (read: bodyweight)and movement would eventually find a way to delaminate the ski.

I can see rounding the edges to reduce friction but the skis have got to be really lousy anywhere but that little terrain park. Great hold on the ice I'll bet.

I cringe when I see kids doing this - it goes against all the years of perfecting the art of hand tuning.

Poet - you took the discussion to a new level with the flaming post:

When someone can do something on skis that you can't, they're a better skier than you in a certain aspect. Get over it.

Also, it's much more difficult to slide a 100 foot rail than to carve a perfect gay turn on a groomer, not to mention much more risk involved. Get over it old-timers, make all the excuses you want about what's skiing and what is not, you're just too old to take the punishment of sliding a rail, and your elite glory days are OVER. New school is here, the sport has evolved, and stakes are higher than they have EVER been before.

Afraid of ruining your edges, go search for that "perfect PSIA turn" and stay the hell out of the park where the real risk taking soldiers are pushing the limits that have never been seen before. (think inverted airs to rails)

Gatecrasher posted a rebuttal... I will give you credit for the foreword - we *are* all on the same team.

Poet - I posted a very gentle chastisement, to which you replied with a crude innuendo.

Many people were not amused by that comment, including me. AND, I did exericse tolerance and humor for several more days.

This discussion board is a place where people come to find comraderie and support. Therefore:

Poet: if you don't have anything supportive or constructive to add to our forum, then I invite you to leave. If you chose to stay, then you need to dismiss your close-minded attitude.

That being said - I am closing this discussion.

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Here's someone who was a poet, not just someone who thought he was...

What's the use?
by Ogden Nash

Sure, deck your limbs in pants,
Yours are the limbs, my sweeting.
You look divine as you advance . . .
Have you seen yourself retreating?

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I think a few of you have the wrong site.......

Try this: www.powdermag.com
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That's enough.
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