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Here we go again....

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Next round, coming up!!

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You're posting that like its a bad thing.:
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Good God, no! It's very much a wonderful thing!
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We like the PNW seconds here in colorado . Thanks for sharing it
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Can you Fed EX some "overnight" to us here in the east?

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this is terrible, just terrible. i had been practicing skiing on my cement driveway.
now this thing comes along and i'm going to have to shell out cash to tune and wax those skis. never get a break.
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You know I was thinking(Its never good when I start a sentence like that)............
If I called the 800 number for Schwanns, they'd deliver ice cream "next day" to my door on dry ice, UPS.

Why not snow?
What can Brown do for you
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For the next 10 days our forecast is show, "snow showers". I hope that changes... it be nice to get hit here in MT.
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Originally Posted by VR6NH View Post
For the next 10 days our forecast is show, "snow showers". I hope that changes... it be nice to get hit here in MT.
We'd be happy with 10 days of snow showers here in the east!
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I didn't realize this when I posted that image but it actually updates as the host site (NOAA) updates. That's kind of cool! If anyone wants to see the current satellite shot for the PNW in the future, they can just come to this thread. (I'm so technically-challenged....pc for non-computer geek)
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The current weather pattern is not at all what I expected from a moderate El Nino pattern. Normally the PNW is adversely affected by a storm path that channels warmer storms (pineapple express), and supresses snow quantities, while Tahoe is generally neutral to slightly higher snowfall, and the southwest sees record snowfall.

This year the Southwest has not really gotten started, Tahoe is in a drought (cold but dry), and the PNW is ripping. Not ideal for me, but nice for you who are getting it.
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I see your radar image and raise you this one!
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Ski Santa Fe will presumably be opening next week. We can use a lot more snow, but the recent storm trends have been much more encouraging than last year. I'm going to open up my season at Wolf Creek December 15-17, and then hopefully Taos will be set up nicely. Time to check my gear!
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Thread bump for the latest Sat. picture.....hmmmmm....promising, promising....
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Bumpity for the dumpity!! Why oh why am I at work?!?!?! :

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