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Need an advise for moguls skis

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I am looking forward to learn moguls and I have some questions about equipment. I did mostly groomed/hardpack (preferrably GS-type carving) before and I want to try something new :-)
From my past experience I realized my skis/boots (Atomic SX:11/Salomon Crossmax 10:110 Flex index) does not work at all on bumps - TOO MUCH STIFF...

Could anyone recommend me which equipment I should start my 'moguls education' with:
- what kind of boots (flex index) is optimal.
- skis (brands/models/sizing)

Of course I saw some references to 'Salomon 1080 Moguls' or 'Dynastar Twister' skis, but I have no idea about sizing and other criterias I need to use to make right choice.

Also, I am interested if there are any good video/books describing modern moguls technique [I saw only very oldbook on Amazon ~1988], or any good schools/camps for moguls technique (preferrably on East Coast).

My size: ~6'1" and 200 lbs.
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Head SuperMogul 181cm. Dynastar Twister 182cm, Volkl Rebellion 180cm, look for a Fischer Lunar from the last few years.

Whatever boot fits your foot correctly, I would think for your height/ weight the Crossmax 10 boot flex would be good.

Mogul skiing is about skill, you can buy more specialized equipment but it's going to come down to the skier. You can't buy a mogul ski and ski bumps in the same way you can buy a carving ski and carve railroad tracks.

Killington VT is the unofficial home of east coast mogul skiing, check with their ski school.
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Whiteroom is correct, moguls is about skills not equipment. For the last 3y I have exclusively skied with 165cm SL racing skis all over the mountain. Also in moguls. I dont think the SX11s are your limitation neather the boots. There has been a lot of discussion here lately that stiff boots in moguls are actually pritty good. I have very stiff Nordicas and Im doing fine.

Since you are doing lots of skidding in moguls you need to de-tune your skis. Janne Lahtela, one of the most successfull mogul skiers of all time funnily said that the only time he uses a file is when the skis are brand new!
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The 05-06 4FRNT STL is a killer bump ski that can be found relatively easily for little $$$. Not much shape, relatively narrow for a twin, soft flexing... but it still holds up outside the bumps too. Much more versatile than a specialty bump ski.
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