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Mont Saint Anne - Lodging

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Thinking of spending a few days at Mont Saint Anne this season and I'm looking for tips on where to stay in the area, specifically looking for places that have kitchenettes, so we can make are own food.

Any info or good websites would be appreciated.
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Are you only going to ski at Ste Anne? You may want to consider Le Massif as well,great,great skiing.Loats of digs at the base of Ste-Anne with kitchenettes. You can rent houses really cheap,within 5-10 min of Le Massif.Staying in Quebec City is nice option as well.Great night life,lots of shuttles to all the area hills.Let me know what you are up for,and I'll give you some websites to check out.
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Originally Posted by cspsskiguy View Post
Are you only going to ski at Ste Anne? You may want to consider Le Massif as well,great,great skiing.Loats of digs at the base of Ste-Anne with kitchenettes. You can rent houses really cheap,within 5-10 min of Le Massif.Staying in Quebec City is nice option as well.Great night life,lots of shuttles to all the area hills.Let me know what you are up for,and I'll give you some websites to check out.
Would it be possible for you to provide me with some websites of the ski houses near Le Massif?

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Here is the link :

Lots of stuff on this site.If you are trying to decide on wether you'd rather stay in Petit Riviere Du Sud or Baie Ste Paul,just click on either name on the map,and they'll show you what is available in terms of lodgings,entertainment ,etc. Basically, Petit Riviere is a smaller place with not too much going on,and is about 5 min from the base of the hill. Baie Ste Paul is about 10- 15 min away with more options,better restaurants, bars,art galleries. I've stayed at both,and we usually opt for Baie Ste Paul.

Hope that helps.

Call lE Massif @ 1-877-Le-Massif and they'll help you out.Very knowledgeable and friendly too.
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Just found another site; . This is a company that has many houses in the area for rent.Follow the links to rent/houses.
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This is great info thanks, the plans are really just being formed so not sure of th exact plans but you have me interested in Massif now.

How close are the two hills to each other and Baie Ste Paul?
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Sorry about that,chief.Too many options is always a bad thing.I always feel that I need more time and money when planning trips.

Are y'all a bunch of hard core skiers,or is there a good mix in the group?Are you looking for lots of apres-ski,or is hanging around the condo/house drinking beer,wine and Jagermeister more your speed?Any non-skiers tagging along?

Le Massif is my favourite area in the East,although I have not been to Marble Mtn,Sugarbush or Sunday River yet. 2000 + vertical and lots of snow.Scenery is amazing,food is best I've had at a North American resort.Wish it had Jay's glades,but you can't have everything.

Quebec City is a great area to visit,and has something for everyone.
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Oops,posted too soon. Le Massif is 10- 15 min from Baie Ste Paul.Ste Anne is 30 min away and Quebec City is 45 min to an hour.
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Right now two skiers both intermediate/advanced, but I'm the risk taker in the pair. I'm thinking inviting non skiers might work out well if we rented a small house.

I'm interested in the glades at St. Anne along with some of the longer runs, but Massif also looks like it has some nice challenging trails. Do the conditions differ much between the two?

If staying at Baie Ste Paul are both hills accessible?
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Le Massif gets lots more snow than Ste Anne. It is right at the St Lawrence river,so if there is moisture in the air it will fall at Le Massif.Locals have told me in the past that Massif gets almost 50% more snow than Ste Anne. Oh yeah,I was wrong about one thing Ste Anne's vertical is 2000+ ,while Le Massif is 2500 +.

Both have good challenging runs,but Massifs are less crowded and fall line skiing top to bottom. Don't forget,when they call something a Double Black it is.Check out the run called 42.Can't remember exactly why they call it that,but it's either that it's average pitch is 42 degrees or that it is 42 % of vertical which works out to 37 degrees.Either way.its steep and straight.

If you're in Baie Ste Paul,both hills are accessible,Ste Anne is just an extra half hour.

How many days you thinking of going for?
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Between 3 - 5 days most likely. Thanks again for the great info.
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Hi! Since i'm from Québec City and know very well both mountains...i have a big advice for you! Don't go to any of the two on a week-end day.....seriously especially Ste-Anne as it's 30minutes from Québec (about 700 000 people) it's always jampacked any given week-end day for the whole season....And Le Massif is no longer a 'best kept secret' during's only about 20 minutes from Ste-Anne and yes it's realy realy beautiful....they have built like 5 years ago an access road at the top (before you could only access the mountain by the bottom 'dangerous' road along it was far less popular among quebecors! and they have built a new quad and opened new terrain about the same time...)
you have the impression you're diving into the St-Lawrence at the top of the mountain...but the mountain bad point is the V shape...everything at the bottom goes at the same place so it can become realy icy on week-end....the parking up there is full on week-end
BUT ask anybody it's one of the most spectacular terrain (some great trees too) in the whole province of Québec along with Sutton and maybe Vallinouet that are much better on a powder day than Tremblant...midweek you'll be alone over there (but don't go during march as it's spring break....first 3 weeks of march you have first university, then high school...and lift lines are long in march....almost like during week-ends....and powder days occur more often there...something like 500cm of snow per year about 210inches....way better than tremblant....

so my suggestion: if you want a whole week....come in february...go the the Carnaval....a snow fest realy've got a parade in the middle of the city....and the public is mainly children with parents AND young people drinking 'caribou' a special alcool to get you warm!
so go the the carnaval saturday and sunday....enjoy the 400years old walled great food...and then escape monday to le massif and can rent a car and do it easily each day returning or better sleep in baie-saint-paul and enjoy this small village by the st-lawrence....if everything is tracked at le massif, and you want some adventure and better chance of powder go 45 minutes north of le massif to mont-grand-fonds.....realy small mountain but beautiful tress and realy low skiers's now my favourite over le massif (except a powder day mid-week!!!)

so enjoy québec and if you have other questions just ask!
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Hola! We're also planning a trip to eastern Canada, 3/25-4/10, landing in Burlington, VT.

Starting out in Eastern Townships, then heading to Massif, MSA, and Stoneham.

Townships, worth my while???

Is the village in MSA worth a ski in/out?

Or should we just find a nice motel/auberge and drive to these mountains?

Weekends @ Massif, really bad compared to Mont St. Anne?

Thank you!
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como esta usted?
You're arriving a little late in the season,but you should be ok.

Depending on conditions,I'd suggest hitting Stowe and Jay Peak once you land in Burlington.Once you hit the Townships,I'd probably look at either Orford,Owl's Head or Sutton.Lots of nice auberge's etc in the area.
Once you head too Massif,MSA and Stoneham you may want to consider staing in Quebec City.Plenty of shuttles to the hills and lots to do.Not much going on at the base in MSA,especially compared to Quebec City.If you are taking a significant other/family with you,definitely stay in town.It is a great city,you won't be disappointed. Where you coming in from?

Hey Nicholas!!

Mont- Grand-Fonds?Never heard of it.Would you stay there or in Baie Ste Paul?You like it better than Le Massif? Darn,another place to put on the must ski list. Thanks
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cspsskiguy, don't get me wrong! of course le massif is way better midweek after a storm...but fresh snow does'nt last as long as at mont grand fonds......depends if you want to have some powder or not at all...if it hasn't snowed at le massif/grand-fonds (about the same snowfall and usually same storms) for let's say a week then you won't find any powder at le massif and still can find some powder at grands-fonds....a suggestion would be to totally skip stoneham (unless you're a boarder and want to have one of the nicest snowpark of the whole province)....if you stay at baie-saint-paul you're about 20 minutes from le massif and maybe 40 from mont grand fonds (
i only suggest you grand fonds during week-end as it won't never be crowded and it's a realy cool mountain for snow...if you like groomers le massif can be realy good but crowds are huge during week-end (i'd say maybe a little less than ste-anne though....)

i agree also about the jay peak of the best choice for powder in the northeast....and for the eastern townships....look carefully at the weather reports because past years the had a lot of snow as it's at the south of the province and not realy high in altitude...last year it was frequent to see rain in the townships while it was snowing at le massif and grand-fonds (they are 4 to 5 hours of car north..).....but if they got snow sutton can be a paradise if you like tree skiing....

hope this helps...
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Mainframe, I hope what is written on my behalf helps you as well .

cspsskiguy, gracias! Coming from Dominican Republic, but born and raised in Puerto Rico. Of course, my passion is skiing, go figure!

nicolas, thank you mucho! Still thinking about MGFonds.

Okay, can y'all chime in on the following BS, for LONG STEEP GROOMERS, wifey, moi, and 8 y/o ripper:

Had Stowe and Jay on last 2-3 days of trip (4/9,10), been there already.

Is Bromont night skiing 7-11PM worth it? It would be the only night skiing available during my dates (3/24-4/10), and actually their last night as well!

So, tentative itinerary ALWAYS weather/conditions dependent:

Bromont night 3/24, sleep next few nights in Magog or Mansonville or Sherbrooke for the following:
Bromont 3/25 (VERY crowded on this Sunday??)
Burke 3/26
Owl's Head 3/27 ($15 Canadian!!!)
Sutton 3/28
Orford 3/29
??? 3/30 Repeat one of above or just haul to Quebec?
3/31-4/2 Le Massif, maybe one day Grand Fonds
4/3-7 Mont St. Anne 4 days, Stoneham 1 day
4/8 Jay
4/9 Stowe or Sugarbush
4/10 ??? But, ski only 'till 2pm, have to be at BTV by 5pm.

Chew on that for a while, then we'll get to other questions:

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I think mainframe must be waxing his boards,he hasn't been here in a while.
Nic- ,Thnx for the heads up on Grand Fonds.Always looking for fresh snow, especially with no crowds.
GP- As Nic said,if there is snow in the townships,make sure you hit Sutton.I've never really been a fan of Bromont,but the other three are all quite enjoyable.If you have your heart set on night skiing- go for it.Have a nice dinner,and then head out for a few hours.It can be crowded because it is the closest Townships hill to MTl.
Your Quebec City itinerary looks good.Lots of time to explore,and there should still be good skiing.

Looks like you guys are going to pack lots of skiing in.We'll pray that there is still lots of snow when you get here.

Is your house in the D.R. for rent,while you are away?Just kidding(sort of).
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Thanks again! Is staying IN Mont St. Anne mountain (ski in/out) worthwhile? I mean, is the village big enough to warrant 4-5 days/nights?

Or should we stay in the Town of Beaupré and drive to MSA and Le Massif?

PS House not for rent, rather FOR SALE as we plan on moving to the US.
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The Mont-Saint-Anne village is realy realy small....yes it's ski in ski out but there's no much life can fin nice rooms but it's not charming....but i think it's a better option than Beaupré...which is literaly by the road....if you realy want truly great food and charming little town go to baie-saint-paul....from there you could hit le massif in 15 minutes and st-anne in something like 30-45's realy charming, it's at the sea level near the st-lawrence river......realy realy better choice than st-anne or beaupré....and you have also the grand-fonds option if you drive 45 minutes north....
another option if you have a car all those days is to stay in québec city when you'll be skiing's realy a short 30-40 minutes drive from the old-town center and the road is at the sea level so it's 90% of time 100km/h...your budget there is the main's a realy beautiful city and you could have so much nicer after-ski there....old town that will celebrate it's 400th anniversary in 2008 (the only walled-city in north america...etc etc...realy charming and romantic!)
here's a realy useful link for packages for le massif....(you can choose the city you want to sleep in....baie saint-paul offering the best option for dining apart from québec city...)

and also i would definitly not spend a day at stoneham if you have the choice between st-anne and massif....massif and st-anne are both by the same way but stoneham is in another direction so from st-anne it's at least 1 hour drive and the terrain and snow is way better at st-anne....

hope this help!
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