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Lost Ski! Lower Hanging Valley Wall in Snowmass

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Hey...has anyone seen my ski? Lost it in a foot of fresh pow on the lower part of the Hanging Valley Wall between Cassidy's and Lower Ladder.

Not sure if it's my rigth or left. Atomic Beta (something or another) 190 cm

Yeah I should have been wearing leashes but the 8 inch rule kicked in and I was unprepared. I really didn't mind sacrificing it to such an epic day (for Snowmass) but I really need it back. The 6 year old K2 4 88's for back up really suck now.

If you discovered it accidentally ...well I'm terribly sorry ....
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Get someone with a metal detector to find it.
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Sorry to here about your loss. If you'll send me an airline ticket and a lift pass, I'll be happy to help you search for it. If the snow is good we could double-check for it on Ajax and at Aspen Highlands. I doubt that we would find it at Buttermilk. Good luck, even if you don't want my help.
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I had a similar experience 2 years ago, I lost a ski while skiing in the loose powder at the edge of a trail after a 12" dump of powder. The trail was pretty tracked up and I couldn't see the ski there, so it seemed likely it went off the trail. A patroller, my daughter and I spent an hour wallowing in waist-chest deep powder in the trees feeling around to no avail. Skis can travel a long way in light powder. We abandoned the search but I told everyone at the area to look out for it. Come April, I was walking past the guest services desk and saw my missing ski leaning against the wall-someone had seen it in the melting snow when things warmed up. With a little tune it was ready to go! So be patient and pass the word around and even hike up to where you lost it and look around if all else fails.
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So what is the best way to keep from losing your ski in powder?
Powder Chords? Leashes?
Do you powder pros use them?
Where can I get some?
A Powderless Fool in the Southeast
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At the time of the above mentioned incident I was in fact using powder cords, long bright orange nylon ribbons with a velcro tab on the end that you loop around some part of your binding and velcro it to itself. When I lost my ski I noticed that the cord was still tucked inside my gaiter becase the velcro had come undone. I guess the point is that when you use cords make sure there's a god connection to your ski. I haven't come up yet with a way to modify mine to improve on the velcro but would welcome advice.
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Originally posted by thexcop:
I really didn't mind sacrificing it to such an epic day (for Snowmass....)
WTF are you talking about?!? Snowmass can & does get fabulous days.

Where wouldn't a foot of fresh be epic?

I have lived & skied in Utah most of my 18 years on skis, but 5 of those years were spent in Aspen.
One of my top 3 days of all time was @ snowmass, in April, the day before the mountain closed, the first year the cirque poma was open. Overhead choking faceshots on often unskiable terrain. UNREAL! & I have had countless more great days on that mountain in the time I lived there. Had a great day there in Dec when I came back for the Highlands opening.

As to yor ski, if you informed patrol it will be found & you'll get it back, esp since you are local just keep lapping that area, it will turn up.
I use fat orange skis for this reason.
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12" is always good double posted my overly passionate retort.

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Did You ask the Ski Partol if they had a metal detactor? I Know that the Patrol At Park City Mountain Resort has one just for finding those lost skis. I Know that a lot of people don't like to use powder cords but They do save a lot of time and effort. It's amazing how far a ski will submarine under the snow. keep checking with the Ski Patrol somebody may find it and turn it in.
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