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Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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will there be any decent skiiing there over Christmas? Which resorts should I consider if I end up in Gatlinburg over the holidays -- this trip may be beyond my control. The parties planning it are telling me there's skiing there. I wonder what to expect, and whether I should bother bringing my skis. I am planning on getting a pass at Heavenly and thus hope to get up to Tahoe several times this season. I did not go over Thanksgiving -- not enough snow to justify the trip.. Please advise on Gatlinburg and TYIA!
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gatlinburg skiing

skiing in tn/nc is hit and miss at best. if bringing the skis is a hassle i wouldnt. when you get there you can rent IF you get a chance to ski at all. the slopes are small, crowded and usually icy if there is even any snow that early in the season. i dont even know if they still ski at ober gatlinburg. you could do a search and find out. i live in tn and dont bother to ski here.
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will there be any decent skiiing there over Christmas?
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they still have skiing there, but Christmas is chancy. Next closest place to gburg is Cataloochee, again chancy. Beech and Sugar is, I'd say, about 3 hours from gburg.

Gatlinburg is the first place I ever skied. Kinda explains why I live in Colorado.
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It's going to be a gamble for sure. I doubt they will have much, if anything. It will be crowded and everything at Gatlinburg funnels into a main area and chances of an accident is high. And yes, it will be icy. I would try drive into NC (Sugar is where I learned or maybe Appalachian). Haven't been back there since. We almost took our girls there last season, but the oldest got the flu. Just watch the weather and hope for the best.
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