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Academy Day 2 - a student's impression

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Let's start with the most important comment - What a f'ing blast! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

I'm skiing in a group with Ydnar as coach, Susieski and mrs ryel. We all wanted to find ways to get better technique on blue and black groomers, and get a clue of what to do on pow and bumps.

Well today we were already out using smoother, more efficient, easier turns, on some fresh powder and nice soft bumps on some rather steep stuff. Stuff that back east would definitely be blacks. And we were doin' it! Ydnar is so good that what he was teaching must have stuck in my pourous memory even when I got tired. Because he was saying he was still seeing me do mostly the new movements rather than old, abrupt hard stuff or worse, survival skiing, even at the end of the day.

Ended the day well worked and a bit tired, but not beat to a pulp. And having done a lot more vert than I ever would have, especially the stuff we were on. A bit sore but none of that "oh my aching legs" - and after Lisamarie's stretch session down at the Silver Fork (this time scheduled *before* the beer), I felt that going away. Walking back into the hotel I suddenly stopped and said "Wow, my legs don't hurt, how strange!"

(we won't talk about how strange it is that I have to travel 2000 miles to the Academy to listen to my wife's fitness advice...)

And hopefully you all will see the video of Fox adding an extra advanced variation during LM's stretch session - adding the partially-prone, leg extension with raised beer glass move :
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To add to Mark's impressions....

We continued to have four outstanding days of instruction and FUN with Ydnar. He is a passionate teacher, and I'd highly recommend him to anyone (he's at Deer Valley). He's also verrrrry funny The Epic Turn really worked for all of us and was a paradigm shift for me. Now I just have to make it a habit!

I've done several multi-day clinics in the past, and I think one thing that differentiates the Academy is that we were all engaged in the effort before we even arrived. The coaches were highly committed and of course, highly competent. This was a unique experience, thanks to the vision and hard work of the organizers!

The apre ski was fun, especially the closing dinner. Who knew that Ziggyskier, WTFH and Ydnar have musical talents along with great skiing abilities?!

In a word - priceless!
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