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Look what i found on ebay!

"Used Volkl Gotama's from the 03/04 season. I am the second owner of these skis. They were purchased new in the 03/04 season and used for 2 weeks from the previous owner in Utah. I bought them last season and used them at Moonlight Basin in Montana for an entire season. Ski's are 190cm in length, with 130-105-125 dimensions. They come mounted with Look p12 bindings set for a boot sole length of 27.5cm (although the bindings can move up and down one full boot shell size). The skis are showing some signs of wear; the topsheet has chips in it, on the base of one ski, their is a small core shot, about the size of a popcorn kernel, so the skis will need to be tuned. Other than that, the skis are in great shape! "