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Salomon Falcon 9 Ski Boots

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Skier: Male, 44 yrs. old, 20+ years skiing, level 8, 165 lbs.

Recent skis: Rossignol B2, Atomic Izor 9:7, Atomic M11, Atomic M10, Atomic R11, Salomon X-Scream.

I tried out a pair of 2006/2007 Salomon Falcon 9s last weekend at Killington. It was in the mid-40s at the top with hard snow in places, some groomed firmer snow, a little thin cover (not much though), and some large areas of spring-like Eastern conditions (about 3-6 inches of chop). Here are my thoughts:

First, some basics. They are much lighter than my Salomon X-Wave 10s. The upper two buckles have longer levers and are easier to lock down. The cant adjustment is easier than on my X-Waves. The Falcons do not have the adjustable real spoiler like the X-Waves. I missed that feature as it allows you to change forward lean to your preference.

The boots do not come with the flex-locking bolts in the back, so I had the holes for them drilled out and took a set along. I skied them with and without the bolts and didn't notice much difference. I've skied the X-Waves with and without the bolts and noticed a big difference.

The inner boot is pretty comfortable. It seems a bit firmer than the X-Xave. The upper part of the inner boot has a stiffer material and the toe box is firmer (the X-Wave's toe box has more give in it).

As for how they skied, very similar to the X-Waves. The boots were precise and stiff side to side. The boots seem to sit a bit lower to the snow than the X-Waves too. Snow feel is good, but not dramatically better than the X-Waves in my opinion. I actually felt a bit less stable at times than on my X-Waves, which could have been due to the lighter weight and narrowness of the boot. The flex seemed smooth and progressive.

The biggest difference between the Falcons and my X-Waves was in the comfort department. My feet just didn't fit the Falcons as well as the X-Waves. My forefoot was too wide and my heels were too thick. The pain up front and in back was substantial by the end of the day and started to effect my skiing. In the end, I opted to stay with the X-Waves.

So, overall the Falcon is a very good boot, comparable to the X-Wave in most aspects. If you have a narrow foot (heel and forefoot) and want a light, minimalistic boot, they are a very good boot. However, if you really like your current X-Waves and they fit, I wouldn't bother with the Falcons. I just didn't notice any real increase in performance and for the small amount you might get, it doesn't make up for the loss of comfort and the rear spoiler.
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Sounds like the X-wave would complement the Falcon in the Salomon line, there is room for both since the do fit differently.
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I found the same thing from a store fit of a Falcon 10, but came to a different conclusion: the boots have different missions, not just different shells. The Falcon seemed to me to be a lot more sensitive to lateral moves than my X-Waves, potentially quicker. Less distance from the liner to the shell. Seemed aimed more at hard snow and hard carves. My solution would be to modify the front end a bit rather than dump them from my list. OTOH, I have skinny ankles to go with the wide forefoot. :
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