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Demo Days

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Where can I find a schedual for Demo Days in the Northwest? Or Fernie for that matter!! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Several ways to go about this:

1. Contat local ski shops

2. Visit the web sites of the manufacturers you are interested in. Sometimes they post schedules of when and where they will be having demo days.

3. Contact your Guest Services section of your local mountian.

I looked but couldn't find a site that listed demo days for Washington.
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This is where I should be. Dates and locations can change, be finalized or be cancelled.

22/23 Silverstar, BC
29/30 Big White, BC
5/6 Whistler, BC
12/13 Okanagon somewhere.
18/19 Whistler, BC
24-27 Okanagon somewhere.
9/10 Silverstar, BC
15 Vancouver, BC. NSIA Industry demo
22/23 Whistler, BC
17/18 Whistler, BC
12-21 Whislter, BC

The Whistler dates are Super Demo days with most manufacturers being represented. Other dates might include other manufacturers. I don't know what the jokers are doing south of the 49th.
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Kind of short notice, but Stevens Pass (WA) is hosting Olympic Sports Demo day & night Friday December 14th.

I did the Pilchuck Ski & Sports on Weds 12/14 at Stevens, really liked the Volkl Vertigo Motions!

Like suggested earlier, check the local resort web page.

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The Summit is having a Demo on Saturday December 22. It is put on by REI.
I think if you were to check out each areas web-site their calendar should list when their demo's are.

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ryel, short notice here too, but Big Mountain is having demo days this weekend, Saturday for sure and I think they're trying for Sunday. $20 lift tickets this weekend (up until Dec 21).

I'll be up there, trying the Dynastar Intuitiv 74, the K2 Axis X and Axis X Pro, and the Rossi Bandit XX if they are available.
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Alright anyone know of up comming demo days for '02?

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Stratton next weekend (12/13).
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