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First ski for athletic teenage girl

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I had a previous thread that died out - trying to buy skis for my whole family and I think I was asking for too much information. Hopefully I can get more participation by concentrating on one person at a time until I have them bought. However, the participation I did get was very thorough on my previous thread - I APPRECIATE IT.

Anyway, my oldest daughter is 13, very athletic but has only skied several times. We've bought a pass to the local small (MN) ski-hill this year - so plan on skiing quite often now. She's about 5'2" and 85 lbs and aggressive. Looking for a ski that she can use for several years anyway - as she's bound to keep growing.

Anyway, any thoughts on the 2006 Elan Wild Spice (142). There's one for sale on eBay at - http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...4437&rd=1&rd=1

a "homer" review of the ski can be found here - http://snowbizusa.com/elanUSA0506/Pr...tails.php?id=6

Anyway - does 142 seem to long? Hate to get her a Jr ski at 13 and replace it very quickly - especially since she has a younger sister that could then grow into this. To me (not an expert), this seems like a decent deal on a medium quality ski.

Sorry so wordy - what are your thoughts (please)?

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You may want to try season rentals which gives you the flexibility of changing sizes if her ability by mid or late season takes her up a notch. The most important piece of equipment for skiing is the ski boot. Make sure she has a pair that fits correctly. My kids all raced so the idea of getting mutiple seasons out of boots would not work. Parents often sacrifice boot and ski fit trying to get mutiple seasons out of equipment. That approach usually results in equipment that is too big at the beginning and too small at the end. At 13 her feet should be close to fully grown Find a reputable bootfitter, it is worth the extra money.

You may have trouble getting mutiple seasons from a ski for her because if she is aggessive, she will want a longer ski, maybe by year's end.

The Elan skis you reference will probably be a good choice. Don't worry about junior skis, particularly junior race skis because they will work for her up to about 120 pounds. I would stay away from a race GS but you may wnat to try a JR race slalom as they well carve really well for her.

Good luck and one final tip: Come to Utah and ski on the "Greatest snow on Earth". It is much easier than MN ice!
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