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I feel slighted. We get SKI and Skiing and I didn't get this Women Skiing magazine. Maybe they never figured out "Thatsagirl!"

Anyway, sounds like Glamour Skiing. That's too bad.

By the way, I wonder if that skier/go-go dancer was from Whistler? There are some amazing go-go dancers there...you guys probably know which nightclub I mean...unless you got stuck at the Das Boot Ballet while there...

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It sounds like "Golf for Women" magazine. My read a few issues, and decided she really didn't care about which designer clothes were "in" for the "fashionable golfer".
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Volklgirl I'm with you. Do a side by side comparison of women specific skis to the unisex ski. I read everything that I could get my hands on before I purchased my Volkl Attiva 5 stars. They're great skis, but I would have liked to see some comparisons with perhaps the Race Tiger SL which I also loved when I demoed it. Good suggestion!
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ski bummed.

Originally Posted by Lisamarie View Post
The signal to noise ratio in the other thread was getting a bit low, so I thought that now that the magazine is out, it would be interesting to discuss first impressions.....

Then, on page 12, we find a picture of skier/go-go dancer Ace Mackay Smith. She is wearing some sort of god awful silver mini outfit along with a pair of hideous furry white go go boots, and I have to wonder why any female reader gives a hoot.
Now those of you who know me realize that I am a far cry from the humorless, perpetually menopausal knee jerk type of feminist who goes around slapping wrists in retaliation for any remark that even hints at being politically incorrect, but for the most part, after reading Women's Skiing, I have to ask: "Was the offensive piece of junk really necessary?'

Hi everyone,

I came across these remarks from Lisa Marie when I was searching for some press stuff for a potential job.
Obviously, she is offended by me and my wardrobe choices.
well, that's okay.

I was disappointed, however, with the pattern of women not supporting women once again. I'm not necessarily commenting on her remarks about me personally, but her disgust with the magazine in general. Or maybe it was just the tone she used. I think it's possible to get your comments/reviews/suggestions across without the hateful tone. At least Skiing Mag did it. I think a little constructive criticism and support would go a long way to making a great publication.

Regarding her review of my clothing and why anyone would give a hoot... allow me to give a little insight.
The "god awful mini" is actually an Italian ski jacket from the early 60's. I collect retro ski clothing and we thought it would be fun to take the photo in one of Whistler's original gondolas (both silver). Instead of doing the usual bio photo with new ski wear and pants we decided to do a retro theme and give it a go-go twist since I have been supporting my ski bum life-style for the last 20 years being a go-go girl in a ski town. Eric Berger is a great snow photographer and an old friend and we had a lot of fun trying to do something different and fun.
Before I get judged again for admitting to dancing in a nightclub, I better clarify... we wear clothes, we don't take them off. Even if I did take them off, who cares. We don't writhe, we Giv'er! We get paid to exercise and we cardio our asses off. (Thanks Thatsagirl )
Dancing is just one of my "jobs". I filmed ski movies for over 10 years and skied in them, I write for Mtn. Life Magazine, I dj apres-ski at the base of the mountain, I do graphic and clothing design, blahblahblah.... anyway, I guess I'm defending my character and ultimately... like LisaMarie says, "who gives a hoot!".

I'm having fun, staying healthy, skiing all winter, and smiling at everyone.
Hopefully I didn't offend too many of my own sex by being myself.
I salute Skiing Mag for being open-minded enough to represent all kinds of women.

I googled Lisa-Marie before responding to this because I first wanted to look beyond her book cover. She sounds like an interesting woman. We're different... that's good.
and... check out her fashion... http://snowgoddess.blogspot.com/

Let's give eachother a break, ladies. woot woot!!

thanks for reading.
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Originally Posted by Ski Diva View Post

Goldmember makes some very good points. But it is rather insulting that the publisher seems to think that the magazine won't draw women unless he pads it with silly stuff like "match the underwear" and so on. That's like saying all skis have to be pink to attract women!

I'm not saying the magazine shouldn't be fun. I don't even mind hair and makeup stuff; hey, I want to look good, too! What I want, though, is to have it balanced with good, meaty, information that I can use. And while there was some of that in there, there should have been more.

Originally Posted by GoldMember View Post

Ski Diva: No offense but you and the vast majority of the women who participate in this forum aren't the likely target. Serious women skiers represent a pretty small percentage of the skiing public. While I don't know the numbers, intuitively it can be safely assumed that the demographic they're targeting isn't the same as you would want. However, I would suggest that all of you here who feel the same launch a Letters to the Editor campaign and make your voices heard. Don't be critical of some of the fluff pieces that are there; they're there for a reason. Instead, just ask that they take on some additional content that would make the mag more interesting to the higher-skilled demographic that you represent. You can always skip the underwear and make-up articles.....or not; whatever. But as this was their first edition, I would think they're looking for critical input. Tell them what else they can do to broaden their readership.

Originally Posted by bairdka View Post


You're right on, unfortunately. That's why I suscribe to "Women's Adventure" it's published in Boulder and is attempting to meet the needs of women like us.

As many said in this thread, already, Thanks for the heads up.  
I looked into this magazine and find more than just the basic magazine. 
It includes most anything that this core group of women look for including, but not exclusive to job opportunities.  That's something to embrace!

Originally Posted by Bonni View Post

I did send them this link, GM, and the only one that didn't bounce back as undeliverable..........was on vacation till Dec. 6th!! Anyone find a working Contact Us email addy? I tried all of them on SkiNet.com, skiingmag.com, and the editor, all without luck.
Looks like we got someone's attention, eh whistlerace?

Whistlerace, you posted in another thread where lisamarie posted to bring attention to this almost three year old thread.

While you have the right point on most of what you said, you don't seem to understand that there is someone who was/is the target of that particular ski magazine publication(as pointed out in the posts quoted above) and there are the EpicSki Women, who are, well.......Epic!
I'm guessing that the women they wanted to get interested in the sport were the same women who may subscribe to O.

I applaud your participation, and actually got a kick out of your retro outfit.  Anything that can get more women interested in the sport deserves a thumbs up.

But......I doubt I'd subscribe to the Women's Skiing magazine if it were a continuing publication unless they provided something more meaty.  

Lets Get Bananapants(Lynn) and Suzie Chapstick involved.  Now THAT would be a publication I could go for.

In stead of posting twice in three years, stick around.  You'll be surprised and blessed for having taken the time to get to know these amazing women.

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Does it occur to anyone the "woman" sport/fitness magazine are published by men and FOR MEN?

I don't mean for men to read. But for men to show it to their wives and girl friend! Hence all the "articles" of all the stuff men wish they women do: put on make-up, be sexy, and godforbid, ski a little! 

Sorry to be so cynical. But I don't see a whole lot of difference in how women and men ski. So I don't see why there's enough real "women" material to fill a women's ski megazine! 

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Jill,   Follow the money, i.e.,  ADS and lots of them but don't be too much of a cynic.  Men only buy magazines for the pictures.
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Originally Posted by gotamagal View Post

I agree with a lot of what's been said here. Women's 'sports' magazines tend to be oriented towards the larger market, not those of us who would consider ourselves 'serious' skiers or athletes. In order for them to reach this market, they need to hit all facets, including those that include make up and fashion tips.

Having said that, did anyone catch this month's Health, magazine? They had a small blurb on women's ski equipment - something like 'the soles of women's boots are tilted to accomodate their wider hip angles'....the way it was said indicated that the actual bottom of the boot was slanted out in some way. Scary!

Is that BEFORE or AFTER they wear them for 10 years!  How funny!
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They'll never make it with a Woman's Ski magazine.  I agree with the comments of most of the people here - they aren't targeting the SERIOUS woman skier.  And there is something weird about a magazine JUST for women.  Remember the PLAYGIRL magazine they came out with a while ago?...it didn't make it!  Now...I can appreciate the male physique just as well as the next woman, but I don't think women are interested in purchasing a magazine that is filled with a bunch of strange, naked men! 
And as far as skiing goes, men and women share so many of the same things about skiing...I mean, you have to be a pretty athletic woman to be SERIOUS about it.  I think when I look at Ski or Skiing magazine, I look at the women's fashions, skis and boots AND the men's stuff.  So there is really no need for a strictly women's ski magazine.
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