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In search of the perfect boot

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Here are my stats:
  • 6ft 1 & 210 lbs with streetshow measurement of 11 - flat footed with widest point being 105 cm (E width I think)
  • Skiing now for 30 plus years - mostly on Eastern Canada ice (Tremblant, etc) - Level 8 - aggressive and love to carve
  • Just bought a new pair of Volkl Superspeed Allstars (175cm) based on reviews here.
  • Current boots are 5 years old Technica TNT ICONs with a flex rating of about 80 if not less
I need new boots and have been taking a close look at the Nordica Speedmachines 12 & 14 and the new Salomon X-WAVE 10s.

Any thoughts on fit and performance or other recommendations given my stats above - I would ask Jeff B. but I will be shopping for the boots this weekend in Ottawa and he may not have time to respond before I leave. Thanks any help provided.

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Think about moving to a flex rating of 120 or 130. I am 6'2'' and 190lbs and ski comfortably on a Lange 130. Other key considerations are the fit of the boot's last to your foot (try several brands), and amount of forward lean. Since you are fairly tall forward lean may be less of an issue than for a shorter skier.
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My profile is much the same as yours. 6'3" 230 but shoe size is 14 C.

I love the feel of the Speedmachine 14 and it's stiff enough for someone my size. The only hesitation I've got is that the toebox feels a little big for me. If you've got an E width foot, it just might be a good fit. Great boot otherwise. I found the SM 12 to have a noticeably different feel to the fit...
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with a foot that wide, I would look into Atomic boots as they offer both their "reg" fit (which is fairly big in the toe box and a "wide" fit (on many of their boots).

A foot as wide as you say you have will not fit in a Lange, and may have a lot of trouble with Salomon (plus their plastics tend to be very variable given weather changes). Personally, I don't know much about newer Nordica's, but they ones I tried fit fairly well, but they just felt clunky to me.

Another brand you might want to check are Technica's. To me, it was the best out of the box fit I've ever had, however, I have issues with Technica and their forward lean and ramp angles.
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