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I'm on a solo trip to the US mid feb-mid March next year to do some snowboarding and hopefully meet some interesting people along the way.

A friendly far west skiier (kudos scott) pointed me in the direction of barking bears, as a way to get in touch with some likeminded people who'd enjoy sharing some fresh trails with a 36yo Aussie guy.

I should mention i'm also a published snow journalist and will be writing a piece for an Australian publication off the back of the trip. Identities will of course be kept confidential if you want - but only fair i point that out ahead of time.

was hoping to visit some of the west's less well known resorts - but happy to do a few.

anyway - keen to hear from anyone who might like to share the jounrey part or all of the way. I'm hoping to line up one or two people to meet at the start - time my trip around that - and then go from there.

it just my way of paying homage to the snow gods!