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Mt. Baker vs Silverton this year, 06...

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ok, ok...I know Baker is getting literally BURIED this year (130" base already), and I want to go there badly. I am from Denver, however, and I can drive to Silverton for the opening weekend of guided skiing on Jan 18th...has anyone here been to both resorts? I know Baker has what appears to be a small vertical, but the snow, mixed with the cliffs and acessible backcountry seem to be calling my name! Silverton is about 5-6 hours from my house. Both seem to be INCREDIBLE, but I have heard that Silverton guides can be a little stingy and/or restrictive (for my safety, I know)...any truth to that? Someone help out a pow addicted, ready to travel young man! thanks!


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Salt Lake City is is only an hour or so further from you than Silverton and you can find all sorts of great terrain and deep snow, especially if you are willing to hike for it, in Alta and Snowbird....
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As a Baker regular I can tell you that you're right, it's a wonderful place with incredible back country and some really challenging inbounds terrain.

That being said, however, I would recommend that you not plan a trip here. While the season has begun with a record breaking bang there is no guarantee that it won't be back to Cascade Crud by the time you get here. Our elevation is so low that we can have wild swings in conditions. If you have Silverton and Utah within driving distance it just doesn't seem like a good idea to gamble on conditions at Baker.

If you live here you can pick your days and get plenty of great skiing, but if you only visit for a week or two there is no telling what you might run into. Lodging and transportation are also problems since there is nothing on-mountain.

However, you can't beat what we've had for the last week or so. Unbelievable.
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I agree. Save your money and just rally when you see a storm coming. You have some of the best skiing in the country within an eight hour drive.

If you’re not skiing somewhere today, you should be shot!
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I know...

If baby and baby's mama didn't need me to pay the bills, I WOULD Be skiing somewhere right now!!! I still think I deserve to be shot, as the storm continues up in summit county! DAMN!

Anyway, thanks for all of the advice....!
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This post seems crazy.

Are you asking where you should be skiing on Jan 18? Baker or Silverton?


Silverton could get more snow, Baker could get rain. I would save money and ski local if you are Denver - unless there is no snow.

I just sent mad bling $$ to Pat Robertson to pray for your child.
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nevermind, I guess.....

yes, I was asking where I should ski, and I understand the trip is in Jan....you have to make reservations NOW for Silverton, or they will book up. As far as the being local thing, the trip figures to be about the same price....silverton is 119 bucks a day in January, as Baker is a third of that....

thanks for all the advice, I guess....lol
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Well, perhaps you really weren't looking for advice then. You say you're a pow addict. then your hands-down best bet is to watch the storms; drive nearly the same distance to SLC and buy lift tickets to Snowbird/Alta that are a LOT cheaper than Silverton. With the money you save by not flying to Baker or the expensive tix at Silverton, you can do guided backcountry in Utah (or even closer at the many catskiing outfits in CO like the one near Steamboat). And, as you don't have to book months in advance, you wouldn't gamble on the weather.
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now THAT is advice...lol

actually, during the day today we have decided to either fly to salt lake city on short notice (118 bucks round trip from denver to SLC)....so, it is settled...thanks!
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Now we want a trip report with photos!
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If you're considering Baker's backcountry, then why not Colorado backcountry? Within 2 hours of your home you have some amazing terrain.

Drive to the top of Berthoud Pass, hike, ski, hitch, repeat.

If you're not capable of skiing that, then don't consider a trip to Baker.
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I am very capable of skiing that....I ski Berthoud, Loveland all the time....have you ever considered the joy of skiing something NEW and different, instead of the same pass and lines week after week? As I stated before, we are going to go to SLC in mid January, spend a few days at Alta, the Bird, and Solitude....

Again, I just want to continue to expand the places I have been...thanks for all of the advice...
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If you want nearly the same experience at a far cheaper and much less restricted (no reservations needed), take a road trip to Powder Mountain and Grand Targhee. With 500" per year of Rocky Mt. powder, you won't be skunked. Both places are so unterutilized, you will find good stuff days/weeks after a dump. Both also have pay as you go cat skiing to add to the untracked count, if needed.

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nice....thanks a lot....we had considered the Jackson Hole trip as well, but the other options you mentioned seem much more appealing to me....thanks again to everyone with helpful advice....
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