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Ski Rental Suggestions

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Hey All:

Going to Europe to ski and would like to know which ski to rent.
I'm 6' 155 lbs 53 year old male and ski the groomed trails only. Like to go fast. Most of the trails are super wide above tree line, but some are narrow below the tree lines. The trails are all very easy with only a couple single diamond blacks.

I have been renting the Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot 165 cm which I liked. They where very stable at speeds. Looks like the crossmax V12 162 cm replaces this model but I don't know.

I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks all!
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I spoke with Salomon and they stated that the XW Tornado is the closest model to the Crossmax 10 Pilot. I found the Tornado ski at a rental shop so I guess I'll try it. Does anyone know the different between the Tornado and the V-12. Thanks!
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