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Karma, PE or may be The Seth??

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Hi everybody,
I´m 5´7", 133 lbs, 32 years old and 28 skiing. I´m a level 9 agressive skier. Though I´m from the North of Spain (near the Pyrenees)I usually spend my ski weeks in the alps (Austrian, Swiss and French). I once was a slalom racer (not a professional of course) and was used to ski mostly on hard snow. Since I stopped racing (10 years ago) I started to ski allmountain and in the last 5 years everytime I decide to change my skiis I have doubts: to make a decision. Times and skiis have changed so much….
This time I have to decide between these three (and all your recommendations): Karma, PE and The Seth.
I know the Seth (looks a great ski)goes a little wider but this is one of my doubts. Will be a problem??
I have run nearly all kind and models except for the wide-midwide skiis (a lot in the present). As I told you above I like to ski everywhere in the mountain even a walk throught the park (not the pipe but the kicks(medium to big jumps)). I don´t spend too much time in the park but I always like to make some jumps to feel that the day has been perfect.
I know Karma and PE can hold it without a problem but may be The Seth can´t:.
The second problem for the Seth could be the hard snow. How the Seth faces the hard snow and the slope style:??
The only thing I´m sure about is that it works pretty beautiful in soft and deep snow. I think this is the only point where it can beat both the Karma and the PE.
Help me make the best decision Karma PE or The Seth. It seems like the Seth is not hard enough to hold all the terrains as good as the other two. And between Karma and PE?? Difficult decision also….
Agressive and fast ski.
30% on piste
50% off piste
20% park (not pipe, only big kicks).
Sorry if my english is not good enough. I tried my best. Next time in Spanish??
Thank you for your help and your advice.
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Hi Kavemot,
Given all that you have said (and your english is better than my spanish - which stops at "Una cerveza, por favor"), I'd say that you should go for the Karma first, the PE is a close second, and the Seth is the third option.

Yes, Seths can carve it up on piste, but it takes a lot of work, and a wide piste, to go from one edge to the other.
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All of those are great skis, however I would point you more towards the Seths. I dont know much about the Alps (I wish I skied there) but I'm guessing you get some pretty great powder. That and your 50% off piste style lends itself more towards the Seths.

I have recently been researching a lot on the Seths and have discovered these things:

1. The groomer performance is majorly affected by your mounting point on the skis (on the line will be worse on groomers than +3) If you mount around +3 or so, groomer performance can be good. There are many different epinions on the Seth's hard snow performance and many have told me that a little farther up from the line can make the ski lively and quick from turn to turn.

2. Even though they are a big ski, they are relatively light and durable as heck. They have 3.5mm steel edges. I know a lot of people who use the Seths as a park ski.

3. The powder performance will be much better than the Karmas and PE's do to more ski under foot. Don't be afraid to go fatter!

4. Lastly, the tips of the Seths are softer, but as you move towards the center of the ski, they stiffen making them great in soft snow but still providing more stability at speeds and grip on hard stuff.

*These are only my epinions and thoughts and I must mention that I sadly do not own a pair of Seths yet, so anybody thinking I'm crazy please go easy. I'm no know-it-all

Your english was great by the way, hope I helped.
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...ah, I should have added, I own PEs and Seths. (but I'm not a know-it-all either)
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Thank you for your advices and for making me feel good with my english.
At this moment we have Karma 1 Seth 1.
It´s great and at the same time strange owning both the Seth and the PE and finally go for the the Karmas. That opinion means a lot. Good one.
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Originally Posted by kavemot View Post
It´s great and at the same time strange owning both the Seth and the PE and finally go for the the Karmas. That opinion means a lot. Good one.
I have 3 pairs of skis:
Head iXRC 1100SW - strictly piste skis.
Seth Pistols - 80% off piste - and I've yet to use them in Europe, even though I live here.
Public Enemies - my All Mountain, mainly Europe skis.

If I am going for a short trip, I only want to take one pair, so it is the PEs. I got them cheap from Sport-Conrad.de and I don't mind if they get a bit trashed.
If I'm going to the Western US, I'll take the Heads and the Seths.

...but, if I wanted 1 pair from the list you gave, and I was only allowed the one, then I'd probably go with the Karmas.
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Thank you Emilio for your epinion.
By your words you are going to own a pair of Seths as soon as you can.
I include the Seths between my preferences because I love their shape and style.
Though at this moment all the information I have make the Karmas the best option if I find out with all your help that the Seths would work properly in any situation I will go for them but at this moment I go for the Karmas.
I need a all good ski and the Karma seems to be the one.
Again thank you for remaining alive the Seths option.
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I have some 07 Seths, they are a "third" pair for me and will see minimal use. They would not be my only skis.
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I have the Karmas and love them for soft snow. You can really bomb down the mountain on them and have a lot of fun. I was also considering the PEs. I don't think you can go wrong with either. I don't have any experience with the Seth's to comment on those, unfortunately.
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Thank you both, Philpug and Skier219 for your opinions.
I´ll definitely go for the Karmas. I still haven´t heard a bad word about them (and hope not to hear any).
I´ll wait till Monday to get them because I need some time to decide about the bindings and where exactly I should mount them.
Of course I wait some more opinions about your preferences between this three skiis (other models are also welcome).
Thank you.
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Just demo'd the '07 Seths last weekend in some wonderful powder and on piste (no park). I liked them, but they didn't give me the sense of feedback as the Dynastar Big Troubles that I tried. You might want to consider that ski as well. I know that it comes down to the type of feel and reaction you want from the ski; I just found the Seth to be rather dead when compared to the Big Trouble.
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Hi Alberto,
Finally I´ve decided to quit the Seths from my preferences list and though I´ve heard some great things about them also a lot of doubts(one more with yours) and when several persons agree with the good work of a ski and also with a weakness they are possibly right.
About Big Troubles I have to tell you that it could be a pretty beautiful choice also. It is just between the Karma and the Seth (92mm wide). The thing is that very few people have demo´d this one and there are not too much conclusions to make a clear analysis.
Please tell me a little more about the feelings you had with the Big Troubles when you demo´d them.
It could be interesting to hear about it.
The Seths out, The Big Troubles in.
At this moment, the Karmas continue leading the ranking.
Thank you for the help.
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Anymore opinions?
Well then, it seems as if the Karmas are the best choice.
On Monday I will get them.
Thank you everybody that have helped me make it an easier choice.
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The Karmas might be one of the best skis ever made. I just purchased a pair in 185cm. I'm 6ft-1, 200lbs so I'm able to power them. However, at your size, you might want to get them really short, like 161cm or 169cm. You also might want to consider the Salomon Foil for someone of your weight. They will flex easier and float a bit better in powder while still giving very good (not as good as karma) edge grip on packed snow and groomers.
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Wooouuuu!! One more great opinion about the Karmas.
Yeap, 1080 foil could be(IS) a good one and you know what?, it was one of my preferences when I decided to buy a new pair of skis (PE, Mantra, Gotama, The Seth). I was even very close to purchase a pair but then I started to hear great things about the Karmas and as I´m in love with Volkl and K2 I decided to reconsider my decision. Of course I´m making the choice because of the ski performance but after that if I have to choose between two very similar skis I look at my preferences and both brand and design even graphics and style are on Karmas side.
You have refreshed my mind with that 1080 foil option but I think that between those two I stay with the Karmas.
I have heard that this ski goes shorter so if I finally purchase it I will get the 1,77. I need stability at high speed (I really like to go fast) and I normally ride long skis. In the Park I hope it won´t be a problem cause I only go for the kicks not the pipe and I´m used to jump with even longer skis. Anyway I don´t spend too much time in the park lets say 6 or 7 mid-big jumps per day to feel great.
Thank you very much for your Karmas and 1080 Foil opinions.
They make me feel more confident with the Karmas choice.
The PEs and the Seth are losing the battle.
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I would strongly discourage getting the 177cm Karmas. The 169 should be just right. They ski is really stiff and you want to be able to flex it quickly. At least if you go for the 177, mount the binding 2cm forward of the Freeride (FR) mount point. This will reduce swing weight and add better bump and tree performance as well as park performance. If you get the 177, you will also have to bring your game every time out!
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Hi kavemot,

I found the Big Troubles to be a very lively ski that was quite quick edge to edge considering the width of the ski. The ski has three levels of thickness (the spring blade mechanism, I think) and I'd describe it as quite "springlike". It was very responsive in small (and soft) bumps and I think that it would be good in the trees, although I didn't take it there. I demo'd the ski in about 20 cm of light, fresh powder and it floated well and was very responsive. I like to feel what is happening under my feet and adjust accordingly and I felt that the Big Troubles did that well for me (far more than the Seths). Can't compare to the Karmas though. I'd highly recommend trying them out: I wasn't going to try them but am very glad that I did. Once I tried them, I just wanted to keep them. So... I bought them!
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