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Boots, Bed and socks!

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Got you interested?
How many of you wear your boots around the house for an hour, a day, a month before you go skiing?

Following a few of the recent threads about buying boots,it seems some live in their boots to get the best fit.

As a person who gets his skiing in two 6+ day bursts a year, I usually find the boots are just starting to get comfortable by day 4. Now I have always been too embarassed to drag the boots out in 30 degrees C and sit and watch television or whatever. It's crossed my mind but I have never done it. The kids would disown me and I would be told not to scratch the floors. But stuff that, I have to get the best from minute one of day one!

Would I be better off, wearing the boots for a couple of hours a day the week before I go? Whats the opinion?

I started skiing on bamboo and lace up boots. In those days you put two pairs of thick socks on. The last two days of skiing in July (NZ) I discared an outer pair of socks and just wore my thin everyday work socks. Well what a difference; boots were more comfortable, could be the 4 day work in, but better still I felt more in touch with the skiis. So has everyone discarded two pairs of socks? Whats the go?

It has started to snow where I'm going, so I feeling pumped!
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1 pair of ski specific socks works alright for me. They are really thin, yet surprisingly warm (and the boot fits better).
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I have friends who don't use socks at all. I stick with ultra-thin socks. At the moment, I'm using the SmartWool brand. My boots feel fine on opening day. It's that first week of break-in on new boots packing out the liners that I hate.
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I've been wearing my boots about an hour each evening while surfing EpicSki. I got new liners late last season and they are snug. I've been trying to pack them out a bit. When the season arrives, I don't want numb feet trying to get my boots to fit good. I usually wear one pair of medium/thin weight socks.
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I wear either ultra-thin socks or Nylons.

Beofre you laugh, the nylons thing is something I learned in basic training, and it's an old infantryman's trick. They really do keep your feet warm.
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Please tell me it's not panty hose.
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No, panty hose are nylons that have a cotton crotch sewn into them.
Hence the name "panty - hose"

I'm talking about just nylons.

Y'all can laugh all you want. Me and my warm feet can take it.
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So you asked about wearing your boots....
I read several years ago from ...I forgot... that wearing your boots for 10 -15 hours over a weeks time helps "break your feet" into wearing the boots.
I have been doing this for years and have had no feet problems. My wife complains though.
This part is for Lisamarie to help answer. I start in September wearing weights on my ankles throughout the day. I start with 3 pounds on each foot, then go to five, then to eight pounds. When I start skiing, I don't feel the weight of my boots+skiis. It seems to help my agility because I am use to the weight on my feet!! Question-is it bad for my knees? I don't think so, 'cause my equipment weighs that amount. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Years ago we used to talk about wearing nylons to keep the legs warm. Especially when stretch pants were the go. The fear of having your ski pants cut off by the ski patrol or accident emergerncy room staff to reveal nylons, I think was what stopped most guys from using them.

Yep, thin socks and wear the boots around the house for a liitle every day before I
go sounds the idea.

Thanks for the feedback.
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Yup, I clomp around in the house with my boots before the season begins. To avoid scratching up the floors I have Cat-tracks, rubber "crampons" that protect my boot soles from getting worn while walking through parking lots, etc.

It's important to not just break in your boots, but also to break in you feet. Most shoes are not as close to unforgiving as hard plastic ski boots. Also, as we exercise our feet expand a bit. It's good to get you foot into your boot after you've worked out to get the bones, muscles and tendons in your foot used to being relatively confined. So, it's more than just being excited about the upcoming season. If done repeatedly, it actually prepares your feet for skiing.

As far as socks go, I wear a medium weight, wool blend sock (no cotton) and it works pretty well for me. I'll have to try the nylon suggestion on the really cold days. I'm man enough...I think.
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Wouldn't wearing nylons make your feet slippery inside your boots? I wouldn't want my foot sliding around in there.
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boot fit -- sitting around in your boots doesn't help anything. think about it. do you really care how your boots fit when you sit? or, when you ski?

socks -- if you are using anything thicker than a wicking liner sock, you are using too much. the socks don't keep your feet warm. a good fit does. they're necessary only to the extent they protect your feet against blisters etc, and pull perspiration from your feet.

too-thick socks are one of the primary culprits in bad boot fit.
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I bought new boots last week and I just put them on tonight for about 30 min. Whoa, they feel tight. Thin Smartwool socks are great. They wash and dry in hotel/condo sink so easily too.
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nakona: You've been hazed .

definitely put my boots back on before the season. Walk around, flex, etc. Don't know if my feet get molded or if the boot just work in a little but it always helps me. Put on my boots last year and there was a bad sot I didn't remember from before. Don't know why but had the spot blown out. One pair thin ski socks. Never two pair. My two cents.

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