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which two? AC4, Mantra, or S5

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I recently sold some skis and boots at the local ski swap. I am now down to 1 ski, last years AC4. By selling I have some $$$ to put towards a new pair. But herein lies my problem. I am thinking about getting either the Mantra or the S5s. Will these be too much of an overlap with my AC4s? I'm thinking the more reasonable thing to do would be to sell my AC4s and get the Mantras and the S5s. However I really do like the AC4s and it would be hard for me to part with them. While I do live in UT I only ski the bigger mountains a couple times a year. I usually ski 2-3 times a week a local smaller mountain. It does not have the big open bowls. Most of the powder is found in smaller stashes. I also prefer a quicker turning ski and I tend to make smaller diameter turns, even in powder. However there are times I like to fly down the groomers making very few turns at all. The AC4 seems to do all I want, but I know if I don't keep the $$$ in ski equip my wife will want it for something else and it may be difficult to get it back. I like the idea of the mid 90 waist ski. I did have the sugar daddy for a while but I kept getting the brakes hooked together while skiing (yes I have somwehat of an old school style) other then that they were great, just didn't use them enough. The S5s would be great for sking groomers with my wife and daughter as well as the tight icy bumps that were difficult for me on the AC4s. What would you choose and why?
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I think the AC4 is a good ski for the Beav. If you are going to a second ski, I would lean towards the Mantra or even Gotama for your powder and off-piste and that great backside. The AC4 should cover your carving needs, even in what you consider firm. That ski area can get firm conditions, but moguls don't seem to be huge or steep. You should work with an instructor to get more comfortable with a stance that works with a wider ski. I don't think you need a wide race stance, but if your brakes are locking together that is an issue. Heh, reminds me that I used to get my breaks stuck in my pant cuff where my edges had torn through.
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If I decide to go with the Mantras what size do you suggest? I am 5'10 about 210 lbs. In the past I have liked a somewhat shorter ski. I had the Atomic R 11.20 in 170 and loved it. Then got the R 11 Beta Pulse in 180 and did not like it nearly as much. This could be due to just a diffence in the ski. I'm not sure. My AC4s are 170 but at times I wish I had gotten the 177. As I said above I like a quicker turning ski. I am thinking I will get the 177. But after reading some other posts I'm wondering if I should go even longer.
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Did I understand that correctly?.......You sold your SD's because the brakes were locking together? Hafta say, that's the first time I've heard that problem.

Anyway, the real question is where do you have the most problems?

#1....Deep snow
#2....Hardpack and bumps

Which condition do you need the most help with? Which ski do you think you would use the most?

Naturally, you need all three..........

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I guess they really didn't lock up the problem was that the brakes stuck out far enough that I would get one on top of the other when gong from one turn to the other. It was not much fun when I was going fast and weighted my downhill ski only to find I couldn't get it on the snow because the brake was on top of the uphill skis brake. The biggest reason I sold them was not because of that. It was mostly that I had only used them 4-5 times between Dec and March and somebody offered to buy them for the same price I had paid for them two years earlier.

As far as the conditions I probably ski both deep and hard pack about the same. I am a grad student and am able to get away a couple times a week from classes before I have to go to work. I usually ski almost 100 % off piste at these times. However weekends are usually spent skiing with my wife and daughter. My wife skis blues but thats about it. My daughter can ski pretty much anything. So most weekends I am sking groomed along with the soft stuff along the edge of the runs. My wife usually quits early giving my daughter and I a couple hours to ski whatever we can find. (mostly soft stuff if its available but also some bumps) So Its really hard to say what I spend the most time on.

I agree I need all three. But again I'm a poor grad student. Maybe it will happen in two years when they call me Dr.
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The Armada ARV was also suggested by the local shop. Anybody tries these? How do they compare to the Mantra?
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