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Layering Out of Control!

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There have been several threads latley concering ski pants and jackets. Everyone seems to agree that shells and layers is he way to go... I couldn't agree more, except buying layering pieces can get worse than a ten-year-old's Yu-gi-oh card addiction! I read the shameless quiver thread and wonder how many people spend on layering the way others spend on skis?

Sunday was my first day on snow for the season. I had to decide what skis to take to ride the WROD at Taos. There were four possible choices and I won't go into them here because that was easy.

When I started pulling all my ski clothes out, I was appalled! Light weight shell pants and a light weight shell jacket, both Mountain Hardwear Conduit. Gortex XRC pants and shell jacket, both Arc-Terex. Softshell pants and jacket Arc-Terex and Marmot respectively. Smartwool and Ice Breaker bottoms and tops - light, mid and heavy, lots of each. Fleece in every weight imaginable, and not the cheap stuff. Patagonia Capeline top and bottoms. Thorlos, Smart Wool and Hot Chilis Socks. Hot Chilis bottoms and tops... EEEEKKKKKkkkkk!

How much did I spend on all this stuff? $60.00 here. $42.50 there. $325.00. $178.77.... Good lord! I must have $3000.00 + of layering pieces! I didn't buy it all at once... Gloves? Mittens? There are no Bogner suits, does that make me OK? Is a picture of my excess in order or should this problem stay "in the closet?"
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Sounds like we have another SAC addict on our hands.
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SAC has been like gas on the fire, but BS (before SAC) I was still buying way too much warm clothing. And to think I spent my youth skiing in jeans....

BTW, I'm very comfortable here in my bed in an Ice Breaker Sport 320 top and Smartwool Slacker heavy weight bottoms - typing on the notebook. The windows are open and it's windy and snowing. Yep got 'em on SAC and pleased as punch!

Intervention? Back off!
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Originally Posted by MisterK View Post
Intervention? Back off!
The first step is admitting you have a problem.

CR did a thread awhile back on SAC purchases, go add your list there and we'll have an objective measure of just how far gone you are and whether it really is time for that intervention.:
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Welcome to the madness that is my typical ski day preparation.... And after sorting through all the infinite combinations of layers for the right outfit of the day, and packing a couple extra backup items, I am still likely to forget something important. One time it was my ski socks. Another time it was poles. Another time pants. So I have a "buy crap on the mountain for top $$" version of those guys too. About the only thing I haven't ever forgotten was the skis/boots and my car, but that will happen at some point I am sure. I blame it all on the layering system. With 5-6 major components and about 4-5 possibilities each, it's like 15,625 different ways to dress for a given day.
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I have at least two or three of each piece in light and medium weight plus extra layers for extra cold. It's an investment but it's nice to be able to pick just what you want. The stuff lasts for a real long time. Think of it like snow tires; you pay for them but then you use your regular tires less before they wear out so in the long wrong, it doesn't cost you more to have extra ones to fit the weather of the day.
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Horsehide fleece lined Work mitts $15.00 (worn out, I need new ones, but am having trouble finding them at that price).

Touque -Christmas present 30 years ago. FREE!

under shirt, sweatshirt, long johns - $30

Any old pair of casual pants - $30

Ski jacket on sale - $150

Maybe ski socks this year (boots wearing in)- $25.00

Total $250.: Wow! it sure adds up.

edit ( forgot to add extra greassy burgers and Poutine to fuel the metabolism against the cold) $15.00
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You, sir, have a problem

I don't see -one- mention of a compression base layer.

Seriously, I think we're all stuffed to the gills with fleece this and that.

Who knew starting back in the 90s that the stuff would wear for about 10 times it's fashion life?
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I don't layer, just throw on my padded rossi jacket (with vents). Padded Spyder dacks (no vents). No decisions.
However, I do have a fatal addiction to thermal underwear, and now I layer THAT! Silkweight stuff and then the heavier weight stuff on top, if need-be.

And my SKINS compression layer, of course! Until I'm fit and then I don't need em until next season.

STP is my source of thermal goodness.
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