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Carmex/Chapstick/Blistex - something for the lips. I tend to bite my tongue or lick my lips when I ski. Good thing I don't jump off cliffs much - I'd be talking pretty funny!
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Originally Posted by janesdad View Post
starburst candy unwrapped (for jane of course)
Snicker snackers are my prefered chair snack. (for the kids I may meet during the day, of course)

Camera! Gotta have my camera!
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Originally Posted by Powdr View Post
You carry your own??
Can you bring some extra for the rest of us??
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Skigee. I always have one in mypocket.
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Items you can't live without on the mountain: in all seriousness - at least one of my four kids. Got a lot of demands in my life right now, but if I'm accompanied by at least one of them I'm golden for a day of goofing off on the slopes.
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I only ski with a pack in the BC. Good thing, as I really stuff my pockets:
Lip balm
Extra contacts and eye drops
Season pass (in chip on my Swatch)
Cash (about 20 euros)
Something to wipe shades/goggles with
Neck gator, unless it's really warm
Beanie for under helmet
Duck tape (on pole)
1 ski strap
Glove liners, sometimes two pairs if it's warm or wet out
Extra shirt around waist/tucked into pants. Useful if cold or sweaty, or to sit on
Cellphone with camera (I live in Italy)
Water bottle or lumbar Camelbak
Energy bars (which I only buy in the States)
Maybe an orange
And... extra socks. Don't laugh. If your feet are cold, it's because they're wet. A change of socks does wonders.
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stuffed pockets indeed!

one interesting theme is that most people don't carry much cash...is this because we are afraid we'll lose it, or afraid we'll spend it?
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HANDKERCHIEFS, at least 3, when it's cold and I'm skiiing it's a necessity
credit cards and cash, health insurance card, season pass
alternate pair of gloves or mittens for weather changes
ski lock
cell phone
ski run counter/altimeter (I'm a vert head)
anti fog cloth
Ibuprofen (normally handed out to others)
sometimes I bring a camera, but with the fog here I normally don't expect any great views

anything else is back in my locker
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Padded shorts.

Trail mix.


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Padded shorts?????
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If you figure in-resort, sidecountry, backcountry, and my goofball summer skiing, the only common denominator is a whistle.

I almost never ski without one.

Don't leave home without it.
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Originally Posted by sibhusky View Post
Padded shorts?????
ya impact shorts i wear them too I am also going to start wearing a sixsixone n8 pressure suit every time I ski
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Originally Posted by tahoetr View Post
those pesky cell phones, and pesky 2 way radios. NOT!
I found both of them to come in VERY handy when I fell & needed the sled when the good samaratins couldn't figure out how to call for ski patrol themselves......I've got ski patrol as #2 speed dial in my cell phone....

Otherwise - chapstick and FOOD!
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"The Mountain"

This question always cracks me up .... when it comes to Pocono skiing.

I am 690 vertical feet (about ten minutes max), to my bag, the burger stand, and a well stocked bar!

A hanky to wipe my nose and a chapstick is about it. The guys with the packs and jackets stuffed till the pockets bulge crack me up. I will admit to keeping a spare set of clear lenses for my glasses for changing light sometimes.

To those of you who ski real mountains with rough conditions .... I can fully appreciate this thread. But in the Poconos ....
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