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Items you can't live without on the moutain

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i'm surious to the little things that people need to have with them on the moutain. Personally, i always have hand warmers. I don't always use them but i make it a point to buy a bunch each season. so, anyone else like to have specific items on the moutain, oh and no obvious hardwear ie skis+boots.
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Whistle, Blue - Red LED light, energy bar, ski lock, cloth or rag to clean glasses or goggles.
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Boot heaters, beanie for under helmet, Camelback w/ water
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In this order:
-Enough cash for a good beer at the end of the day.
-Two really good ski straps.
-Cat tracks
-Car keys
-Tiny sunscreen tube kept in pocket, thus making it impossible to forget in car and find frozen in the morning.
-Springtime: tin of F4

I used to make an effort to be "prepared" and carry a bunch of extra stuff, but the avoirdupois proved to be a worthless hassle. Obviously if I plan on heading out for a hike I carry more gear, but for 99 percent of inbounds skiing that short list makes me quite happy.
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Neck gaiter, glove liners, goggle rag, lip balm with 30 spf, powder bar, and a $10 bill.
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Visa card.Spare goggles .
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Tissue, Dermatone lip protection, goggle wiper, granola bar.
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Pass, wallet, chapstick and depending on how hard and long I plan on riding, something to munch on and water (oh, and if I'm 'supposed' to be working - cell phone).
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I second the spare goggles comment. I always have a second pair in my pocket on powder days. A HUGE necessity. If not for you, then for your gimp partner whose goggles are all fogged up.
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my matching brand designer ski outfit with matching brand skis and boots :-)

I usually have a cliff bar, tissue and chapstick. If ive got my pack on its got a fully camelback so i dont have to waste time and money in the lodge
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A Belaclava, Neckgaiter, Handwarmers (though rarely used) Glove liners, Bootscraper, (the most important thing to carry if you want the same feel of your skis all the time.)
In the East, a lock, (for obvious reasons.) In the West an extra set of Goggles, And also in the West, Powder cords. Finally a hood for the coat.
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skis, boots, iPod.

but seriously...a good pack, avy beacon, probe, shovel...cookie dough (cut into chunks), extra socks, whetsone, a multi-tool, camelback w/accelerade, cell phone, ID...and iPod
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a very gorgeous blonde woman who actually can make a ski-bib look good !

seriously though, i have googles+a gator and sunglasses either on or in my jacket at all times. you never know when it old man winter will take the day off or get on a roll.
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"Bootscraper, (the most important thing to carry if you want the same feel of your skis all the time.)" I feel that if I don't mark up the soles of my boots the snow sticks very little. I always walk on pavement in Cat Tracks, and a spray of Pam on the boot soles is a help to get the snow to release.

In my pockets...those Cat Tracks, ski lock, no-fog cloth, handkerchief, sunglasses if there's a chance of sun, sun screen cream & lip balm on sunny days only, extra batteries for my turbo goggles, glove liners. If there's no powder and I'll be on pack working on form, I wear The SKI COACH...it does a good job for me.

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A blunt. If I ski 50 days a year, I might only want it once, but it's nice to know it's there if the occasion calls for it. Oh! A lighter. The blunt isn't much good if you can spark it up. Oh! Chewy kiddy fruit snacks. Very good to have if you decide you the blunt is in order.
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Were not talking back-country, right? We'd all have the same stuff anyway, I'd hope.

~ Whistler Edge card, linked to my credit card
~ Hydration
~ Dark Chocolate
~ Chocolate with Mint
~ Clemtines ('cause there's nothing so refreshing to me as a cold clementine)
~ Scully (for under helmet if need be)
~ Sunblock
~ Safety meeting materials
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-hydration (of various types depending on the time of day)
- Edge Card
- comm. link (FRS radio or better) to keep in touch w/ the crew
- a buddy who can rip
- MP3 player
- Helmet
- extra gloves, neck warmer/mask, goggles
- cash
- lip balm
- snacks
- camera - (gotta remember to pack it more often this year)
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Chapstick and a medium/fine diamond stone.
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corkscrew/bottle opener.
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Other than the neccessities for skiing (includes helmet and goggles or sunglasses), pretty much nothing. Yeah, I have lots of stuff in a pack that's accessable at the bottom of the hill, but I like to be as light as possible. Especially if I'm doing kids classes all day. Since I'm usually wearing the ski school uniform, even things like my keys and wallet stay in my personal jacket. The only necessity that I can think of is enough cash for lunch.
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those pesky cell phones, and pesky 2 way radios. NOT!
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boot dryer
hand warmers
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Lighter, tunes, I.D., enough money for a few beers.
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My favorite thing on the mountain is my iPod. But additonally for this thread AMEX. If Amex can't fix it - I'm pretty screwed.
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Lip stuff for me. Even on normal suit-office days, I need recourse to it a lot (these new lipsticks that stay on for ages are a blessing). I think I must have damaged my gob, maybe it was the use of Aldara to blast off a skin cancer, but they dry out mega-fast.
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starburst candy unwrapped (for jane of course)
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Wow, simple yet very clever. I've spent many a lift ride trying in vain to unwrap those things with freezing fingers.
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full balaclava under helmet when necessary , ditto hand warmers, lip balm,goggle cloth, and other stuff stays in my bag in the lodge ( xtra gloves , goggles, thermos of hot chocolate, energy bars and Miscellaneous braces for (ankles, wrists, knees and back if necessary)
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thermos with at least quad expresso, chocolate covered coffee beans, packets of honey,.....allen wrench, screwdriver, stone, wax,....
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