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Need ski advice

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I'm looking for new skis and I need some advice from some experts!

I'm a 35 yr. old male, 5'8" 155 lbs.
After a long layoff (18 yrs), I've been back skiing for three years. Last year I got in about 16 ski days in Colorado. And this year we will be in Colorado for about 7 weeks (yahoo!). I take at least one private ski lesson each year.

I would say I'm an Intermediate to Advanced skier. I ski blues and blacks -- probably 70% groomed. If it's been groomed, I feel comfortable anywhere on the mountain (we skied the Birds of Prey downhill course at Beaver Creek last year -- I won't say it was easy, but I felt like I was skiing and not just surviving.) My goal this year is to work on the bumps and powder -- I want to be comfortable anywhere and not just the groomed runs.

I currently have three year old Atomics... I'm not even sure what the model is -- just a basic Intermediate ski. I would like a "one ski quiver". I've been looking at the Dynastar Legend 8000, Elan Magfire 10, Volkl AC3, K2 Apache Recon... there's so many, I don't know where to begin!

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You have a nice list going. The AC3 might be a bit much (aggressive) for you but the others are good choices. The Legend 8K is quick and energetic and has suprisingly good grip for it category. The Recon is smoother and more Cadillac-y but not real snappy. The Magfire that I like the best is the 12 but of course that is a personal thing and may not relate to you. Another good one in this mix might be the Fischer AMC 79.

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Thanks, SierraJim!

That's exactly what I was wondering about the AC3... I think you're probably right.

About the Elan skis... I can't seem to find a good comparison of the Magfire 10 and 12. Can you tell me what's going to be the difference between the two?

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First, I am a retailer and I don't carry Elan so bear this in mind. I have skied both the 10 and the 12 and thought that the 10 has too much shape for it's construction. The result was an agressive shape that tried to hook up and carve, but a constuction that was not quite up to the task when the snow was very hard. OTH, the 12 is straighter and uses Elans best laminate lay up and is a very fine ski in all respects.

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