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Aspen sk Co back pedals on Ajax snowboarders

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Skiing company to ban snowboarders - again
By Troy McClure/Aspen Daily Planet

Backpedaling from a landmark decision it made one year ago today, the Aspen Skiing Co. is once again banning snowboarders from Aspen Mountain.

The decision to reverse the snowboard policy, said SkiCo Chief Operating Officer John Norton, is rooted in a decline in skier visits and is supported by feedback from resort guests who say they prefer a skiers-only mountain.

"We regretfully announce that snowboarders are no longer welcome on Aspen Mountain," Norton said at a press conference at the Little Nell on Sunday. "As we have said from the outset, this season was an experiment to see if skiers and snowboarders could coexist -- and it just didn't work out.

"But we do want to emphasize that there is plenty of snowboarding terrain at our other three mountains: Snowmass, Buttermilk and Aspen Highlands," Norton said.

The ban is effective at noon today.

Customer surveys show a staggering 65 percent of visitors said they "strongly disliked" snowboarders at Aspen Mountain, 20 percent "mildly disliked" snowboarders on the mountain and only 15 percent were in support of continuing to allow them there.

The surveys coupled with an 8 percent drop in skier visits left the company with no other choice, SkiCo President Pat O'Donnell said.

"This was purely a business decision," said O'Donnell, who is an avid snowboarder. "The people have spoke and we have answered."

While the vast majority of the 2.4 million destination skiers who visit Ajax each year welcomed the news, the contingent of boarders in the community weren't as agreeable.

"That's totally bunk! I've heard of some shwaggy things before, but this totally sucks," said Brandon Valentine, 19, in between puffs of reefer.

"And I've been trying to land this little mamma at the Sundeck who's always warming her feet next to the fireplace," he said. "Now I may never get laid."

Contacted in front of the fireplace, Bunny Golddigger, 23, said Valentine never had a chance anyway.

"Yeah, right. Like I'd go out with that loser," she said.

Regardless, the snowboard ban returns Aspen to its days of catering to the skiing elite and moneyed gentry who look down their noses at the knuckle-dragging set. Norton called the move "retro."

It will also put Aspen back in ranks with Taos, N.M., Deer Valley, Utah, and Mad River Glen, Vt., all mountains where snowboarding is unlawful.

[img]tongue.gif[/img] :
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Gotta love those "comments" with the public. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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matt_davis: . . . and Alta, too, right?
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Good for Aspen, good for us.

It wouldn't suprise me to get similar results from that survey if they did it all over the country.
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Guys.. this was posted april first.. true?
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What a coincidence. My girlfriend just got back from skiing at Mad River Glen... she said that they had such a bad winter (due to our low snowfalls) that the stockholders are planning to hold a vote sometime this month to decide if they'll allow snowboarders next year.

Is nothing sacred?
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Good one matt_davis. Love the timing...

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i remain dubious.
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matt_davis gets my vote for putting up a big time "funny". I give it four grins.

Cheers to Messr. Davis.
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I just got back from Aspen and it was going off big time! It was the best spring skiing in years.
I originally was worried about the boarders on Aspen Moutain. Mostly on the high speed traverses like elvis prestly, yankee stadium and jimmy buffet. But it turn into a non-issue, mostly because they don't take the traverses to get to the hard terrain. I never saw a boarder once on anything difficult.
The only time boarders have been a problem that I saw was on the traverse just out of Highlands bowl. They were post holing on a very slushy traverse and totally ruined it.
Plus they don't get out of the way.
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I thought Troy McClure was an actor? In fact, I've enjoyed him in such movies as: "A Highway Runs Through it; the story of Vail"

LOL Matt.
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On a whim I did a web search for "Aspen Daily Planet" and did not find it.

HOWEVER, Aspen Daily News does carry this story (which was evidently slightly edited before matt_davis posted it) along with several other news worthy items of the day...
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that paper looks like "the Onion"
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not my creation. as said here, reprinted from the usually very amusing Aspen Daily News April Fools edition.
At least the snowboard prank had no economic impacts. this story is really funny

: :
Internet Spoof, Soon Denied, Hits Canadian Dollar
Mon Apr 1,10:53 AM ET

TORONTO (Reuters) - An April Fool's Day internet report that Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin would quit his job to breed Charolais cows and "handsome fawn runner ducks" sent the Canadian dollar lower on Monday, as the market grabbed at the straw of anything that might resemble news.

Author Pierre Bourque, who flagged the spoof report on his political gossip Web site bourque.org, said he was baffled by the reaction. "It is April 1, after all," he told Reuters. "The ducks were the tell-tale sign."

A laughing official at Martin's office declined, as always, to comment on market rumors. But asked if there was any indication that the story might be true, the official said firmly, "No."

The report included hyperlinks to sites with pictures of white Charolais cows and large brown-and-white ducks. It said Martin was getting ready to show his livestock at a country fair in Havelock, a town in Quebec with 811 people.

On a supposedly serious note it said the Bank of Canada was getting ready to intervene to defend the dollar, which slipped on the report to a one-month low of C$1.6024 to the U.S. dollar, or 62.41 U.S. cents, down sharply from C$1.5942 to the U.S. dollar, or 62.73 U.S. cents, at the previous close.

"While no one has any reason to believe the rumor, the story has a lot of credibility given Martin's continued problems in claiming any high ground -- versus (Prime Minister Jean) Chretien -- within the Liberal Party," said David Ebata, managing analyst at Thomson IFR in Boston.

The currency later recovered to around C$1.60 to the U.S. dollar.
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I was thinking, "cool, good for Aspen" since I kind of like those skier only resorts.

Bought it hook, line and sinker.
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Everyone should understand the real reason behind for reinstitution of the snowboarder ban...it was due to "trench mouth."

Aspen gets a pretty fussy and particular and a somewhat older clentle of skier.

The don't like "trench mouth."

Oh...you ask what is trench mouth or what does trench have to do with skiing ?

You see the boarders lay down some deep trenches on the groomed, where the "Aspen types" like to ski most. When they hit these deep snowboarder trenches, they do a face plant and get a mouth full of snow.
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