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Nordica Demo Day: Mach 3 & JetFuel

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I had a chance to demo the Nordica Mach 3 & JetFuel on Vail this Sunday.

Conditions: 2" fresh on top of firm snow ranging from man-made concrete to natural "packed powder"

Me: 37 yo. 5'10", 165 lbs. Skiing many years. Level 9. Average 40-50 days yearly mostly at Vail

Current setups:
170 Elan RipSticks fusion
176 Elan m666 fusion
184 Volkl Mantras

Nordica Mach 3 170cm
sidecut: 119-72-104

In one word....WOW !!!!!!! This may be the best all-mtn carver I've ever skied. This ski is capable of making turns of all sizes and at all speeds. Edge hold & torsional stiffness are superb. Not once did the tails wash on the icy patches. Rebound energy is abundunt yet controlled. Huge sweet spot and hard to get thrown off balance provided good cross-under technique used.
The Mach 3 feels similar to my 170 RipStick but with more rebound energy & edge hold and slightly better tight turn initiation.

I really couldn't find the limits of this ski no matter how hard I tried and the ski seemed to do an uncanny job of pulling me back under when they started to run away from me. Maybe heavier skiers could overpower it but I couldn't do it at my weight & ability level.

I took them briefly into the bumps and here the tail rebound where the sharp rebound became a bit of a deterrent, although they weren't unwiedly by any means. found them to be less bump friendly than the RipStick (which I find to be quite manageable in the bumps).

Like the RipStick, the Mach 3 doesn't require constant input like a race ski and didn't leave me feeling fatigued after 3 hours which are qualities I look for in a ski.

I'd be happy to own this ski if it weren't for the price tag. MSRP is around $1250 with local prices around $1100. Like I said before, it feels similar to a RipStick, but certainly not several hundred dollars better.
I think the pricepoint of this ski is going to be a huge limiting factor. The reps say that all their hotrod skis for next year will have the fancy binding integration system like the Mach 3 which may mean higher prices across the board in the near future.

Jet Fuel 170cm

Pros: Very quick edge to edge. Skis more like a mid-70 ski in this regard. Superb torsional stiffness & excellent hold on firm snow. Good sized sweet spot.

Cons: Required constant input. Sit back for a sec or lose concentration and this ski takes off like a freight train. Rebound energy is moderate. Not overly lively but not a dog either. Damping also was moderate and transmitted decent snow feel. Somewhat unwieldly in hard bumps but that's to be expected from a ski with this sized waist and two sheets of metal. Feels heavy.

I think the Jet Fuel would be a good chocie for a heavier skier looking for an all-mtn performer with empasis on tenacious front side edge hold. Although I didn't get this ski in crud or powder, I'd expect it to perform well due to its dimensions but would have some concerns about float in powder due to the its stiffness. In short, I found this ski to be somewhat similar to my Elan 666 but would not choose the Jet Fuel due to its need for constant input and its performance in the bumps. I much prefer the lighter & livlier feel of Mantras which also offer ridiculous hold on hard snow & edge to edge quickness for such a wide ski. However, Mantras are not damp and transmit a lot of vibration on irregular terrain and are torture on dust-on-crust or frozen coral whereas I'd expect Jet Fuel to be more well mannered in these conditions.

I would have liked to have tried an afterburner, top fuel or nitrous but ran out of time.

I hope someone finds this helpful as I always enjoy reading the reviews of Dawg's, SSH's, Noodlers & others. But I have a hard time articulating what I like & dislike about skis.
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Squeak, that was great!

Question: was that the Mach 3 (yellow/orange) or the Mach 3 Power (red)? If the former, how fast do you think you skied it, and where on the mountain?
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I skied both sets of skis all across Vail's front side which is almost entirely open. Runs included Born Free, Pickeroon, Avanti, Rams Horn, Christmas, North Star, North Woods & Dealer's Choice.

The Mach 3 I skied was yellow/orange, not the red power version. I was skiing fast & hard although I don't own an altitimeter and couldn't give ou ft/sec or anything like that.

Keep in mind that I am light and do not come from a racing background. I've read your reviews on the Mach 3 & 3 Power and it sounds as if you found the limit on the 3, but I didn't get there. A similar analogy applies to my Ripstick which I also think are great, but I remember reading comments from a heavier racer who said that they were too flexible for him.
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Perhaps we should hook up later this year. The bindings on the Mach 3 Powers that I have are identical to the demo bindings, so you could try them for a run or two if you'd like. They are the 170s, too. It would be interesting to hear a comparison.

Of course, you're skiing pow today, and I'm in Peoria, Illinois in the rain...
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Yup, we should try to ski together some time this season.
No ski for me today. I'm stuck indoors working. Am heading up Fri-Mon.
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