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NFL playoff predictions thread

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We haven't had much football trash-talking going on here, possibly because the Steeler contingent (me included) has been hiding.

There have to be some other football fans here! Will the Ravens have enough offense to make a playoff run? Can the Colts defense stop anybody? Is this the Pats' year again? Will the Broncos rebound with Cutler? Will Grossman and the Bears hold onto the ball long enough to win a playoff game? Will N'Awlins have the ultimate turn-around, feel-good story for all time? Will Tony Romo and the 'Boys give the Tuna another ring? Will Cowher, his Chin and his spit retire gently into that good night?

What is your dream Super Bowl matchup? I'd like to see the Bears and Ravens tangle for all the marbles. I'd really like to see Bill Parcells and Tony Romo crush the Pats. (Yes, write this down, I'm saying something nice about the Cowboys).
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Hey Kevin , DA Bears vs The Ravens in the Big Dance works 4 me 2.
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Steeler contingent embarrased here
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Seattle All The Way !
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Steeler coningent baffled here (but still watching every game). Have the Ravens played the Colts yet? That would have to be interesting.
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Steeler contingent frustrated here. Sure wish Cowher would let Charlie Batch play more!

What about a Colts-Seahawks Super Bowl? Peyton and the boys are a good contender, and the 'hawks are lookin' strong. They showed the Pack last night that they're not the only ones who can play in the snow!
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Another Steeler fan frustrated....however, like 3 years ago, we can go 6-10 and come out gunning 15-1 next year.

Ravens look tough...look for Cinci to make a late run. They look like they can put up the numbers that they once did last season with Carson. They play the Colts next week...so we will see if the Bungels are the real deal. As for the NFC...does anyone really care? So weak...if Carolina can get their $hit together they will have a chance. Im thinking the Pats vs. Colts in the AFC championship game, Pats winning that and going on to win the Bowl against some NFC chum.
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I am doing awful in the Epic Football Pick's. I am not qualified to answer.
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NFC - Seattle. Grossman is falling apart and will sink the Bears in the playoffs. Romo is good but not good enough to make up for all the other problems the Cowboys have.

AFC - San Diego.
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Steeler fan here as well, this might help put the season in perspective for you:

> Pittsburgh, PA--Pittsburgh Steelers football practice was delayed nearly
> two hours this morning after a player reported finding an unknown white
> powdery substance on the practice field. Head coach Bill Cower
> immediately suspended practice and called the police and federal
> investigators.

> After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined that the
> white substance unknown to players was the GOAL LINE.
> Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to
> encounter the substance again this season.
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Originally Posted by Rio View Post
NFC - Seattle. Grossman is falling apart and will sink the Bears in the playoffs. Romo is good but not good enough to make up for all the other problems the Cowboys have.

AFC - San Diego.
San Diego almost lost to the broncos and Jake plummer sucks they cant make it. Too bad the broncos are changing quarter backs they might be able to make it to the play offs with Jake P. but i guess it will be better for next season. Go Broncos
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The Steelers will run the table and squeak into the playoff as the last wildcard team and repeat winning it all on the road.....not.

SugarCube, the problem is not with Ben, I'd look to the horses in front of him and play calling that doesn't beat the blitz with quick short passes and a reluctance to stick with the run. The D has been too soft against the run especially in the first half.

In short, this team is just not hungry, over confident and the talent may have slipped. As for Cowher's spittle, man in seasons past we'd be drenched in it but now, nary a drop.

Just a few question to all you football fans out there, aren't you just giddy that the Steelers suck so bad and a different team will have a shot?

As a slight consolation for all us Steelers fans, to see the Ravens and their fans so psyched after beating a 4 and 6 team just goes to the respect there is for the Steelers. I think that getting a high first round draft pick isn't the worst thing that can happen to this team.

Kevin, you sure were right about the Ravens when I asked in the pre season and their D is really good but I think the Colts are the team to beat in the AFC, maybe the Bears in the AFC.
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Originally Posted by wolf_creek_freak View Post
San Diego almost lost to the broncos and Jake plummer sucks they cant make it. Too bad the broncos are changing quarter backs they might be able to make it to the play offs with Jake P. but i guess it will be better for next season. Go Broncos
I'm kind of thinking the wrong coach went to be the head coach of the Texans.
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Pats in AFC, win over Colts, with a missed A. Vinatieri field goal, 31~30

Bears in NFC, cruise in to big dance.

Showdown, Pats win 34~28, first win in super bowl with more than three points separating teams.
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not to change the subject, what are your all time favoert 5 NFL teams, order doens't matter.
Raiders of the 70's
Steelers of the 70's
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Here's my take:

Ravens - I wasn't initially sold on Steve McNair as the savior of the franchise. Don't get me wrong, I admire his toughness and leadership ability. But he does appear to be just what they needed: efficiency on offense coupled with a defense that's still great, they may be the team you least want to play in the playoffs. Any game they can score 14 to 17 points they'll probably win.

Chargers - LaDanian Tomlinson may be the best player in the league, Philip Rivers is efficient as QB, and they play good defense. I like teams that can control the ball on offense, and stop the run on defense - they do well in the playoffs. I'm not sold on Marty Schottenheimer as a playoff coach.

Broncos - I admire Shanahan for making the switch to Cutler. It takes guts to do that to a team that would probably compete for a playoff spot. I think Shanahan realized they would never be more that just a playoff team with Jake Plummer. He (Plummer) may be as much of a "coach killer" as Ron Mexico... I mean Michael Vick.

Patriots - Any team with Tom Brady is dangerous in big games. Is there a quaterback on a contending team with fewer offensive weapons at his disposal than Brady? Outside of Benjamin Watson he has no receivers, an aging Corey Dillon, and a rookie runner in Lawrence Maroney. Brady does more with less than anyone in recent memory. Oh, the defense is good too. Watch out for these guys the next few years - they have a lot of young players, a great salary cap situation, two first round picks next year, and Brady is only 28.

Colts - The experts in the national media continue to fawn over Peyton Manning and the Colts. I guess it's possible that the law of averages will finally catch up to them and they might win it all. I don't like their defense at all -they're at the very bottom of the league in run defense, which is a poor omen for the playoffs. Clearly, when Manning plays well they win, when he doesn't, they lose. Maybe this will be the year he avoids a playoff meltdown. He better do it soon because their (the Colts) window is starting to close and Manning is over 30.

Jets - They're an improving team with a very easy schedule ahead, which might allow them to sneak into the playoffs. Expect some epic NE/NYJ games in the next few years.

Chiefs - I like Larry Johnson (who wouldn't), but the defense is suspect. The Chiefs and Jaguars play in KC on the last day of the season for what might be the sixth seed in the playoffs.

Jaguars - How can you be ranked in the top ten defenses against the run and the pass, and be ranked in the top five defenses overall, and be 6-5 and fighting for the sixth seed? Simple: have the worst receiving corps not wearing Patriots uniforms. Oh, and you don't have Tom Brady.

Bengals - I'm convinced that Carson Palmer came back too early. I mean, less than nine months after tearing ACL, MCL and PCL???


Bears - The defense is great (as if you needed to hear that from me) and it's just incredible the way they force turnovers. If Rex Grossman can just learn to be more efficient I think they would be the favorite to win the whole thing. I just can't see him having three error-free games in a row, at least not right now. Their running game is good, but every time Grossman throws the ball Bears fans hold their collective breath.

Carolina - good defense, decent running game, and Jake Delhomme may be the NFC's version of Tom Brady, just not quite as good. He does seem to play his best football in the big games. Steve Smith is a playmaker. I like playmakers.

Seattle - The NFC doesn't really have a truly dominant team (or teams), so these guys could return to the Super Bowl. I just don't like finesse teams. Finesse teams generally get bullied in the playoffs.

Dallas - Is Tony Romo for real? I don't know. I just think they're a better than average team, no more. But Bill Parcells is a master, and based on that, I wouldn't completely rule out a playoff run.

Giants - I love Tom Coughlin. I loved him when he was here in Jacksonville. I think he's a great coach. When he was here he was coach and GM. He really sunk his own boat by making poor decisions in free agency. When the Giants traded essentially Philip Rivers and Shawn Merriman for Eli Manning (two first round picks to move up a few spots in the draft) you knew Coughlin had little say in personnel matters. He valued draft picks above everything. Eli Manning plays like Peyton does in a playoff games, and the Tiki Barber thing is clearly a distraction. Sorry Tom. You should've taken the Alabama job.

Favorite teams of all-time (in no particular order)

1. Early-1970's Cowboys. The teams with Staubach, Bob Lilly, DD Lewis, Drew Pearson, etc.

2. Mid-1970's Oakland Raiders - Ken Stabler, Dave Casper, Cliff Branch, Ted Hendricks.

3. Mid to late-1970's Steelers - Bradshaw, Harris, Swann, Lambert. I hear Joe Greene could play too.

4. 2003 NE Patriots - Tom Brady, Tom Brady, Tom Brady. Richard Seymour is good too. They won some ridiculous number of games in a row - maybe 21? Yeah, I know it spanned two seasons.

5. San Francisco 49'ers mid-1980's. I don't like finesse teams, but Montana, Rice (even though he's too slow to make it in the NFL), Ronnie Lott.

Honorable mention - they never won anything but the SD Chargers of the late 1970's and early 80's were fun to watch with Dan Fouts, Wes Chandler, Charlie Joiner, etc.
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I meant to start an NFL thread at the beginning of the season but never got around to it. Nice post ldrjax.

My dream Super Bowl matchup is the Patriots vs. anyone ... with the Patriots winning it. I'm not crazy about today's struggle vs. the Lions and the 8 turnovers in the past two weeks though. That's gotta change if they want to get past their first playoff game. Right now I think the Chargers are downright scary. They throw well. Obviously they run well and their D is solid. For me, they pose the biggest threat in the AFC.

In the NFC, watch out for those Cowboys...my NFC pick to go to the Super Bowl at the beginning of the season. However, I thought TO would do wonders for Bledsoe. I was obviously wrong there. They're better off with Romo. A Cowboys VS. Bears NFC Championship should be legendary.

As those of us in the pick em league know...the phrase "on any given Sunday" has held true more so this year than I can remember so who knows what will happen between now and the first Sunday in February.
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Well, a lot of playoff hopefull's just got a serious wake-up call this past weekend. Colts, Broncos, Cowboys and Pats all just suffered 20+ point losses. Can we just fast-forward to watching the Chargers and the Ravens go at it for the AFC title? They seem to be the only teams left that actually still care.
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Don't you just get the feeling that Dree Brees is going to be facing his old team in the Superbowl?
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Originally Posted by killclimbz View Post
Don't you just get the feeling that Dree Brees is going to be facing his old team in the Superbowl?
It's certainly looking like a distinct possibility. The way the Bears are playing these days with Rex Grossman becoming a turnover machine -- we're not going to know who has the #1 seed in the NFC for a while yet. But the Saints are getting hot at the right time, something I have trouble saying about any other NFC team. What type of odds could you have gotten back in August regarding the probability of the Saints having home-field advantage in the playoffs?
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Watched the Jaguars play the Colts here in Jacksonville yesterday. I think the Colts' run defense dropped from the number thirty-two ranking to about forty (we'll put Ohio State, Florida, and Michigan ahead of them. The Colts had eight and nine men in the box all game and the Jaguars just ran over them anyway. The Jags have a good running game, but that was pathetic. 375 rushing yards; over 250 in the first half when the outcome of the game was still in doubt. Are they (the Colts) really a Super Bowl contender?
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Killclimbz finally got it right.Bolts vs Saints in the big game .Don't know what the rushing record is,but Reggie and LT could smash it.From a rain soaked Canadian Steelers fan.Sure wish Big Ben would read some of the helmet threads .
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Wow, Stillers Nation in the Great White North? We's everywhere.

Upon further review, after the Colt got ripped I think I'll go with the Bolts, just can't pick the Ravens. It makes me puke just thinking about it.:

Really, just guessing because if yunz haven't figgured it out I'm a Steeler fan, not really a football fan. I don't watch teams unless their playing the Stillers and only catch highlight from around the league. And the NFC??? you say the Saint are the hot team, didn't the Steelers beat them?
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I'm with you, LHC. Watching those Chargers romp over the Denver Donkeys was fun--and that LT: man, he's a pleasure to watch!! BTW, a friend of mine was on a plane either going to or from Atlanta last week...sat right behind The Bus!
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Here's one you should be able to appreciate, Sugar Cube. My 9 year old son got Franco Harris' autograph. Franco is active in local politics and appeared as a guest speaker and stayed to signed for all. Franco looked at my boy and said, "you weren't even born when I played". My son got a primer on Franco before and since. It was a thrill for him to meet a real Steelier and a hall of famer too.

We didn't go to any Lynn Swan rallies.
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As of now...I would say the Saints vs. Chargers. The Saints (and just about every other NFC team this year) are having a whole lot of trouble against their big brothers in the AFC. However, I am looking for the Steelers to run the table again...it just may be a little late for them this year. Next year though...
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Ok, step right up! We know the seedings, now, how will it play out?

AFC 1 through 6: Chargers, Ravens, Colts, Pats, Jets, Chiefs
NFC 1 through 6: Bears, Saints, Eagles, Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants

For the AFC, I'll take the Chiefs over the Colts and the Pats over the Jets. Then I'm going to pray to all that is holy and hope that the Chargers and Ravens advance. Ravens move onto the Super Bowl

For the NFC, I'll take the Eagles over the Giants and the Seahawks over the Cowboys. Bears vs. Saints for the NFC championship, Saints move on to get crushed by the Ravens in the Super Bowl.
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Ravens as Super Bowl Champs? I think I'll have to revoke your citizenship in Steelers Nation!

I like your predictions for the first round but I think the Bolts advance to the SB and da Iggles from the NFC with the champs being the Bolts, not that their fans deserve it. I wouldn't be surprised if the Ravens advance, they are playing well but I think the Chargers are the more rounded team.
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Originally Posted by Laurel Hill Crazie View Post
Ravens as Super Bowl Champs? I think I'll have to revoke your citizenship in Steelers Nation!
I know, but I'm a fan of suffocating defenses. I haven't watched much Chargers ball, but I think the Ravens could at least neutralize Tomlinson and force Rivers to try to win the game with non-stop blitzes coming at him. My kinda game!
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Being a Clevelander and hating the Ravens (really only Art Modell) goes hand in hand, but I am with the many who think their defense will carry their offense far into the playoffs. San Diego probably team to beat for Super bowl.

And how can you ignore New England, you do so at your own betting risk?

AFC pick San Diego outside shot, the purple birds.

Growing up in Chicago, watching the Bears have incredible individual athletes, Gayle Sayers, Dick Butkus, Mike Ditka, Walter Payton, it was always futile from the team perspective, outside of the 85 bear team. Now they appear to be the best of the NFC, a big maybe. Haven't seen them much, but when your quarterback can be as inept as Grossman, and when the confidence in him has to be very limited, how can they go far?

Who can't root for the Saints and New Orleans in general. Can Reggie Bush carry them along with Brees to the big game? But the Eagles seem to be on the roll, the big MO seems all on their side. Can it continue?

NFC pick Eagles, outside shot New Orleans.

LT carries the way for a San Diego Super Bowl championship to cap epic individual year. IMHO.

Good luck to all in any pools, as I think this is as wide open a playoffs as we have seen in a long time
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