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Crystal Mountain advice

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Wife and I decided to make the drive to Crystal Mountain Dec 19-21. Any advice or guidance on learning the mountain, place to get a good meal or runs that start green and turn dbl diamond!
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The best place to eat is the Campbell lodge, the newer lodget on the mountain.

If you are new to Crystal, I suggest skiing Snorting Elk for a few runs, and the Green Valley area/lift, then Campbell Basin and Powder Bowl off the High Campbell lift, and if the snow is good and the lines not too long, check out Kelly's Gap.

Have fun!
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Place to eat: Snorting Elk Cellar, deli side. It's tucked away in the trees just a little below the obvious day lodges at the base. Good soups and stuff like that, and you can get tap beer. Advise don't try to order pizza from the bar side; it takes forever.
Runs: can't go wrong in Green Valley. Or go to Forest Queen & work your way skiers right to left to go from easy green warmup to moderate blue.
If you're asking about runs that'll suck you in by being green at top and then steepening & you don't like that: mostly those situations are clear from the map. Bot notable are: Deer Run and Bull Run have a deceptively gentle entrance and then break over on you. As does the skiers-right rim of Green Valley, which'll steepen if you go down the Rex side via Iceberg Gulch.
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thanks for the guidance.
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