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Big grin

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Ok, so this is what I look like when I'm about to ski the first run of the season:

And while I'm at it, a few images from that trip. Three resorts (Cervinia, Zermatt, Pila) in two countries in a three-and-a-half-day weekend, not bad.

I called this last one 'skycarve'. Not really skiing-related, I know. But he's leaving railroad tracks. Wait, I got my transport-related metaphors wrong. Oh well.

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Awesome photos, Cedric! However, I can't tell from looking at you if you had fun. Why don't you smile once in a while? [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] (I'm jealous, even though I probably couldn't ski that!)
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I'm trying to understand your itinerary.i think that you are about to board the last leg of the valluga cabin, in the first pic. So that would indicate that you spent the night in Zermatt. Skiing Cervinia is easy, they share a mountain. But how did you get to Pila? It is in the aosta valley like Cervinia, but not lift linked, and if you staied in cervinia, how did you ski the valluga as only the Klein Matterhorn is on the same skipass with Cervinia?
Also how did you find Pila? I have heard some mixed reports, but nothing from a reliable source/
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Psy: we stayed in Cervinia; the cable car you see is the ride to Plateau Rosa on the Italian side. Skied the Klein Matterhorn side of Zermatt on the second day. Then on the last day Cervinia was closed due to high winds (really high: on the day before, about half the lifts were open and I experienced uphill skiing from a standing position, just extending my arms to offer increased wind resistance!) so we drove over to Pila, about 70 miles and a looooong gondola ride away.

I found Pila to be more interesting than Cervinia for skiing: harder red runs and a few blacks which are really blacks. Also a large powder bowl, which was unfortunately mostly tracked out by the time I got there. Overall, I would find it limiting for a week's holiday compared to larger French and Austrian resorts if one is after mileage (I skied about three quarters of its runs on the one day) but it would definitely offer something for everyone from lower intermediates to very good skiers. (note that I didn't talk about beginners or experts, as I don't feel qualified to comment on the terrain either of these need). Anyway, I'm happy to see that I'm considered a reliable information source!

Bonni: thanks [img]smile.gif[/img] To be honest, the terrain I skied wasn't all that difficult, except for the unpisted black runs in Pila on the last day. Cervinia's slopes were mild - though when we went offpiste we hit breakable crust, which made things interesting (I found that a DIN of 6 leaves my skis behind my body every now and then).
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Remind me to punch you the next time I see you. It should be illegal for you to enjoy yourself so much while some of us were here earning a living...

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British guys are just SO darn cute!!!!
Great mountain pics, too! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by Lisamarie:
British guys are just SO darn cute!!!!
Great mountain pics, too! [img]smile.gif[/img]
Looks like a Romanian grin to me!
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That smile is priceless.

Well done.


Oh yeah... the background doesn't look too shabby either. :
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Never mind the grin ... what's with those skis he's holding? The tips look to be about a 10 inches wide with a wierd sidecut shape as you go back towards the waist. Unfortunately, because of the way he is holding them and the lighting, I can't really tell if that's what I am really seeing.

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TomB: spot on! (wow, somebody reads my posts!)

Didelis_Skier: Nordica Beast 74TT. 110-74-102, 19 m radius for the 173 cm length I have.
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