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Bootfitting and tipping

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I had some tweaking done on my boots this weekend and purchased a pair of boots for my wife. Whole process took 3 hours (and she didn't have any hotspots that needed specific attention!!).

At the end, my wife asked if we should tip the bootfitter. Honestly, I had never thought of this until she said it.

Does anyone tip the person doing the bootfitting? 3 hours is a lot of time and service. Other than ski lessons (which I do tip), most things I do tip for take a lot less time......

Any thoughts from people purchasing and possibly any bootfitters?
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The last bootfitter I went to, I tipped him with a bottle of Rum. I know in some places, they don't really like financial tipping of staff, so if you know what they like to drink, buy them a bottle.
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I keep my shop supplied with a couple cases of really good micros throughout the season for all the excellent work they do for me.
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after over 15 trips"maybe more" back last yr i tipped 70 bucks "owner"..returned in october and started again with stock liners"same boot"..offered to purchase a different boot ...he said no lets keep workin on these
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In specific instances (above and beyond the call), I'd bring some beer or wine.

But, tipping cash isn't something I've considered for a bootfitter - especially if you buy the boots from the shop, and the fitter is the owner or manager.

I normally tip well, and would do so for lessons or a guide. But somehow, it seems different.

Would you tip your tailor, or your plumber?

If you tip the bootfitter, why not the guy who mounts your bindings, or sells you skis?
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I tried money, alcohol, etc.
He absolutley wouldn't hear of it.
Doesn't sell boots, and he's a fantastic skier, so an all-round 10/10!
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I've never been a bootfitter, but I've worked as a bike mechanic for many years, and we appreciate tips of all kinds. Cash is just fine if the shop doesn't care, but finding out what they drink is more personal, and that shows how much you appreciate their work.
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Home town ski shops/bootfitters? "Tip" the same as with bike shops. A case or two of good beer, or a "surprise" delivery of a few pizzas, will go a lot to showing gratitude. It shows you remember them, and they will remember you.

Bootfitters/ski shops at big destination resorts, though...not so sure. Most of those guys probably don't *expect* to see you again.
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Originally Posted by faber View Post
Home town ski shops/bootfitters? "Tip" the same as with bike shops. A case or two of good beer...
That's what I usually do. Matter of fact, need to run out to the liquor store sometime today - need a sixpack for the tech that tuned my skis.
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I have found that pretty much any bootfitter or ski tuner is very happy with a bottle of booze or some beer.
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This brings up the question that I've been wondering... When you tip in booze, do you bring the bottle/six-pack/whatever in with you when you're first seen. Or do you go out to the car after the visit is over and bring it back in? Do you throw it in a brown bag, or just carry it in? lol In the case of mounting up skis do you bring everything in at the same time and throw it all on the counter?

This has been a question of mine for a while and was thinking about asking it anyway, but this thread seemed like a good place to ask.
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There is a specific shop with whom I have been dealing for years...I appreciate his knowledge and his fitting expertise....I send him referrals and periodically bring a case of beer into the shop.....I consider him a friend....
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